Geeks are Sexy have posted some superhero themed paper snowflakes.

Though The Dark Knight Rises will be drawing some some famous Batman storylines, Geek Tyrant talks about some famous strands that have obviously been removed.

MTV did a little commentary on The Dark Knight Rises trailer attempting to dissect its minutia. Geeks of Doom does their best job too at that link.

FilmCritHULK over at Badass Digest asks, and answers, the basic but important question, why do we care so much about Batman?

We know about all the movies, but what are some of the most anticipated comic series of 2012? WhatCulture has your list including Saga by Brian K. Vaughan.

Lots of rumors have made their way online in regards to The Dark Knight Rises and What Culture has listed the top ten. Oddly enough, I still hear at least one of these might be true. Speculation continues!

An impressive animated Mr. Freeze cosplay from Gamma Squad (via Fashionably Geek).

Tom Hiddleston spoke to Just Jared (via CBM) about The Avengers and while it’s mostly butt-kissing, there’s a cool bit about his favorite on-set props:

There’s a couple of quite cool props, actually. I’d say my favorite prop would have to be Loki’s spear. Does it have to be one I use or could it be someone else?…Okay…okay. Sam Jackson has these amazing screens. They’re kind of like uber iPads or something. So from his command base in the Shield, the base of operations, he’s got these incredible screens which he’s just able to pull stuff up on….[Like Minority Report].

Comic Book Movie found an eBay seller who created these custom Bane masks from The Dark Knight Rises. Head to those links for more info but they’re selling for about $350.

Legendary Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver and Dancing With the Stars champion Hines Ward spoke to the Los Angeles Times about his work in The Dark Knight Rises. He’s the receiver in the trailer:

I mean to be a part of something that will last forever was amazing. I was truly blessed to be a part of it all.

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