This rules. Bleeding Cool found this Herge inspired X-Men comic book via MooLooZone. Head there to read the rest. If you speak French.

Christopher Nolan and Christian Bale spoke to Empire (via CBM) about shooting The Dark Knight Rises in New York. Here’s Nolan:

The jumping off point for me with taking on Batman in the first place was that if you could make believe in the reality of what they’re seeing, then the story has unbelievable power. And shooting in New York with New York faces there…that’s a big part if it.

/Film reader Braden Y and his girl made Bane gingerbread cookies this weekend to celebrate The Dark Knight Rises prologue.

Bleeding Cool has an interesting story of a 1988 Death of Superman storyline.

The Daily What found this Lego open to the Sixties Batman TV show.

Where does that show rank on IGN’s Top 25 Comic Book TV shows of all time? Find out at that link.

You can now pre-order a toy of the mysterious villain in The Avengers. Of course, no photo available.

Another piece of fan art for The Dark Knight Rises by Needle Design.

What Culture picks their five top choices to replace Christian Bale in the inevitable Batman reboot.

Empire’s interview with Marc Webb also reveals a fun piece of dialogue in The Amazing Spider-Man between Peter Parker and Gwen Stacy. It’s kind of a spoiler if saying the hero fights the villain is a spoiler.

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