Cracked listed the seven stupidest attempts to reinvent Batman in the comics including Hollywood Batman.

Paul Bettany has finally been asked to return as J.A.R.V.I.S. in The Avengers according to IFPress (via CBM).

The guys at Dorkly (via CBM) are at it again with another public superhero Facebook outting. The image above is just the first of a long, funny exchange between Quicksilver and Magneto.

Newsarama lists their picks for the ten best Batman villains of all time. Some are obvious, others are not.

Comic Book Movie posted this new look at Batman on the Batpod in The Dark Knight Rises. It’s from the Empire article.

Here’s an awesome, Avengers-related excerpt from a new Scarlett Johansson Vanity Fair profile:

Even though Iron Man 2 was ‘one-for-them,’ I’d never done anything like that before. I’d never been physically driven in something, or a part of something so big,” Johansson recalled. “For The Avengers, I’ve spent so many months training with our stunt team, and fighting all the other actors, it’s crazy. I do nothing but fight—all the time. I have humongous muscles, by the way.” She offered me a bicep. I hesitated to touch celebrity flesh. “Go on.” I gave it a gentle squeeze. She was right; it was hard as a rock.

Over the weekend, Donald Glover‘s stand-up special, Weirdo, premiered on Comedy Central and he starts the show talking about Donald For Spider-Man. CBM found the video.

If you love hearing Henry Cavill flying his nerd flag in relation to playing Superman in Man of Steel, this Los Angeles Times interview is a must read.


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