Jason Flemyng, who played Azrael in X-Men First Class, sat down with Empire Online (above) to do a Twitter chat and discussed the possibility of a sequel:

I’d love to do a sequel. We shot enough fight sequences to do an Azazel fight movie. But I don’t think that’s going to happen. The film had to take $350 million worldwide to merit a sequel. It took $356 million, so watch this space…

Add another name to your art radar: Greg Guillemin. Geekologie (via DesignTAXI) posted a bunch of his superhero poster work that’s unique and eye catching to say the least.

The upcoming issue of Men’s Health Magazine will have an interview with Henry Cavill about his intense training for Man of Steel. He worked with the same guy who trained Gerald Butler for 300. Head to CBM for some quotes.

Check out this Peter Parkour t-shirt courtesy of Busted Tees.

From GQ: “Whatever you do, don’t ask Cillian Murphy about The Dark Knight Rises. ‘I don’t have anything to say,’ dodges the Batman and Inception star, a slight smirk visible between sips of sparkling water. “I’m here to talk about In Time.” CBM correctly surmises that, if he wasn’t in the movie, he’s just say so instead of being coy. Possible Scarecrow cameo?

It’s a bit late for Halloween costume tips for Fashionably Geek points us to directions on how to make these Wolverine claws for $5.


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