Michael Shannon teased about some Man of Steel specifics in this interview with The Soccer AM (via CBM). Is there a Phantom Zone? Does he shoot laser from his eyes? None of these things are answered specifically but they’re touched upon.

With a few new superhero animated shows now airing, or coming soon, Newsarama explores the ten works comic book animated shows of all time.

The Mary Sue has complied a bunch of fan made pop culture Occupy testimonial from across the web. They include the likes of Spider-Man, Batman, Luke Skywalker, Kingpin, Scrooge McDuck and others.

The Daily Blam spoke with Josh Keaton, the voice of Hal Jordan, in the upcoming Green Lantern: The Animated Series about his role. Here’s a taste:

With something like Spidey, I’ve had over the course of a couple decades a voice in my head when I read the comics. I’ve had imagery, a ton of imagery to go off of. Whereas with somebody like Hal in Green Lantern I didn’t really have any of that. At least not with the same amount of detail and specificity.

Wow. Hot Toys has revealed their Iron Man 2 War Machine figured and it’s pretty stunning. Thanks to Cool Toy Review.

You knew it was coming. Thanks to Thinkgeek.

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