After playing Batman: Arkham City, you can head to Hot Topic to get merchandise like this. Superhero Hype posted photos of other merchandise too.

More Captain America: The First Avenger Blu-ray features, this one from NBC (via CBM) and focusing on Red Skull.

If you buy Green Lantern on Blu-ray and have Batman Arkham City for the PS3 you will get this special Sinestro Corps skin to use. More details at Joystiq.

Wired has gone through the DC 52 and ranked the best and the worst. Action Comics seems to be their favorite.

According to IGN, which has people on the floor of New York Comic Con, this poster is announcing an Amazing Spider-Man movie video game is coming.

Screenjunkies has a list of the 9 Marvel Heroes You Won’t See in The Avengers.

We’ve seen superhero aprons before and here are some more. Geek Tyrant has rounded up a whole bunch including the two above, Superman, Green Lantern, Wolverine and more.

Sin City 2 writer William Monahan spoke at length to Collider about his Sin City 2 script, which is almost done. Here is just some of what he had to say. It’s a must read:

My job is essentially to be Frank Miller. I have to, as an improvisational actor, be Frank Miller while simultaneously being Monahan. It’s pretty cool because as a screenwriter, as a dramatist, what you’re doing all the time is inhabiting characters and improvising. In writing drama, there’s a great component of being an improvisational actor and there’s also a component of being an improvisational writer who can inhabit another personality and deliver something in the correct tone. Frank Miller is emphatically Frank Miller. That’s what I wanted to see in Sin City and that’s what I want to see in Sin City 2.

UGO premiered this clip from the Captain America: The First Avenger Blu-ray about HYDRA.





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Pajiba (via Think McFly) has posted some shirtless photos of Henry Cavill on the set of Man of Steel. The more photos that come off this set, the more confusing this thing gets. Those ripped shorts make him look like The Hulk though.

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