The premier (in my opinion) collectible action figure makers in the world, Hot Toys, have announced licenses for two of the biggest superhero movies of 2012: The Avengers and The Dark Knight Rises. Thanks to Comic Book Movie and Toy News International.

Catwoman is kicking ass in this clip from Batman: Year One via SFX.

Though he once called Val Kilmer “the most psychologically troubled human being I’ve ever worked with,” Joel Schumacher now thinks that’s a good thing in relation to his Batman Forever star. Thanks to IFC via CBM:

For me, Val Kilmer was the best Batman. I thought he looked great in the costume, and I thought he brought a depth to the role. I thought the relationship between Val and Nicole Kidman was very sexy. Jim Carrey, of course, was the perfect Riddler. And then I had the great Tommy Lee Jones and a lot of other great people are in that movie.

Talk about an awesome Doctor Doom cosplayer. Thanks to Comics Alliance.

More Avengers trailer reactions. The Geek Twins answers 13 frequently asked questions about The Avengers that were answered by the trailer.

“How Do The Avengers Fit Into The Whedonverse?” Empire asks the question and you might be surprised at the response.

Activision is doing a video game based on Men in Black III, according to Superhero Hype, out in the Spring before the release of the film.

IGN Movies has this clip from the Green Lantern Blu-ray that details Mark Strong‘s transformation to Sinestro.

Did The Avengers trailer reuse a shot from Iron Man? Decide for yourself at Bleeding Cool.

Here are some of the toys from The Avengers, thanks to ToyArk (via CBM). Head there to see a bunch of other photos and characters.

Doug Jones spoke to Comic Book Movie about some of his upcoming projects and mentioned that he’s contracted to do a Silver Surfer movie, though it probably won’t happen:

I signed on for my first movie in that franchise with a 3 picture deal that anticipated a Silver Surfer stand-alone film to come. My IMDb page has had a Silver Surfer movie on it, in development, for over 5 years now. So again, no one has officially approached me about actually filming, but this is a beautiful, stoic, heroic character I would love to delve into again!

IO9 has put together a list of 10 superhero movies they’re glad never happened such as James Cameron’s Spider-Man and Fantastic Four 3.


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