And for those of you requesting more video blogs, I have included two below. The first one deals with our exploits trying to get home from our midnight screening of Mystery Team (which was awesome by the way, review forthcoming after I get some much required sleep (its 4am at the time of this writing and I still have a lot more to type up).

[flv: 400 300]

Alex from FirstShowing was trying as hard as he could to wave down a cab. As it turns out, cabs and Devin from Chud have something in common — both of them don’t like Alex Billington . And after Alex was finally able to wave down a cab, he gives it to a group of people waiting next to us, which included a woman who shouted that she loves /Film as she got into the cab. As one of her boyfriends jumped into the cab, he explained that she was afraid to come up and say hi. Back at the condo, Alex claims that “some chick outside the library” wanted to get with me but that I “pussied out”. But you can see the video for yourself to see what really happened. We also tease Billington about his new celebrity crush — Aubrey Plaza.

The second video isn’t quite as interesting. I give a very brief video tour of the biggest theater at the Sundance Film Festival – Eccles Theater, which fits 1,260 people and is actually the Park City High School Auditorium.

[flv: 400 300]

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