Pal of David Cross and Johnny Knoxville and all-around New York renaissance man, Gavin McInnes, has released his short film from Sundance, entitled Asshole, to the web masses. The short has a simple premise: McInnes plays the titular (analar? familiar?) character, a man on the verge of blowing up or becoming a full-blown snuggler during a reg visit to the doctor. Asshole also serves as a NSFW primer for Street Carnage Films, the Brooklyn-based independent behind projects like Totally For Teens, TV Carnage, and the new feature Sanza Hanza. Short in full after the jump…

“It’s like a tickle if Al Qaeda was torturing people by tickling the inside of their anus with shards of broken glass put at the end of a fucking power drill.” Alrighty then. In his outspoken, mustachioed way, McInnes has declared in general that…

“Acting is a cinch. All you have to do is memorize all your lines and then repeat them into the mirror thrice. The End.”

What do you think dear commenters? Some of the lines in the short definitely need punching-up (especially the doctor’s), but McInnes gives off an unpredictable punk tension that’s engrossing enough for the duration. But he clearly has bigger, featurey ideas in store for his company, and if anything he could pursue the title of Brooklyn’s Larry David a la HBO’s Curb Your Enthusiasm. Here come the Woody Allen diehards, so I’ll add, “for those fucking hipsters.” If you’re wondering what the memorable song is used at the end that’s a song called, yeah, “Food and Pussy,” by California artist Dan Reeder.

The below clip is from Sundance earlier this year and documents the Asshole team, which includes young director, Chadd Harbold, and the shenanigans they got into at the festival…

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