Pixar’s ‘Brave’ Easter Eggs Revealed

Steve Jobs, Apple and Siri: Steve served as co-founder and CEO of the Pixar animation studios until his death in 2011. Jobs is featured in the films’ credits, who is remembered as a “mentor and a friend” as the will-o’-the-wisps surround his name.

Lord Macintosh and Young Macintosh were named as references to the Apple computer.

Siri Debunked: Some people have noticed that one of the Production Babies is named Siri, which they have speculated could be a fun reference to one of Steve Job’s last projects before he passed away. But we’ve confirmed with numerous people that this is infact just the name of a new Pixarian daughter born during the production.


In every Pixar movie, they try to hide a character or two from one of their upcoming films. For example, Boo’s fish toy in Monsters Inc ended up being the title character of Finding Nemo. A kid in the doctor’s office in Finding Nemo was reading a comic book of The Incredibles. WALL-E appeared in 2D on the Ratatouille DVD short film Your Friend the Rat.

Dug in ratatouille

And Up‘s Dug the dog appeared in silhouette in Brad Bird’s Ratatouille chasing Remy through the walls of a building.


The cute little pink teddy bear underneath the bed of sequence where Carl’s house floats by a child’s bedroom window turned out to be Lots-o’-Huggins Bear, a major villain voiced by Ned Beatty in Toy Story 3.


As for Toy Story 3, Pixar fanatics have speculated  that one of the young girls at the daycare center looks suspiciously like a more grown up version of Boo, a design which we might see in Monsters University?

Even Cars 2 had a fun reference to Brave, seen above during the London chase scene, when the Lemons crash into a pub.

In Brave we do get a glimpse at Sully from Monsters University: A carving of Sulley appears on a piece of wood in the home of the Witch.

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