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Transformers Director Michael Bay Weighs In on the Importance of Sound:

THR: Can you discuss the Dolby 7.1 Surround Sound mix in the climactic Chicago destruction sequence? Bay: [Rerecording mixer] Greg Russell said reel seven [the destruction of Chicago, including The Driller] was the hardest of his career. He said it had 30,000 fades , and the entire [Pro Tools audio postproduction system] locked up.
They had to call the engineers who developed the program to fix it. They had never heard of a reel having 30,000 fades.

THR: Didn’t the movie also crash ILM’s computer system? Bay: It was the scene where The Driller destroys Chicago. It was single-handedly the most complex shot ILM has ever done in its history. They had to hijack the entire computer system over the weekends to get the shots finished.

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