Kizer180’s latest illustration titled “The Big Guns” imagines 1980’s robot characters Astro Boy, Mega Man, Robo Cop, Iron Man, Inspector Gadget, and Optimus Prime fighting side by side.

Blastr lists 6 upcoming ride-based movies Disney hopes will be the next Pirates.

Watch the red band trailer for George VanBuskirk‘s fundamentalist horror film Camp Hell starring Jesse Eisenberg.

Breaking Bad nabed 2.6 million viewers for season premiere.

Josh Budich created this Star Wars-inspired and officially licensed piece “Xwing Jockeys” for ACME Archives. The 24?x18?, 7-color print, will debut at the San Diego Comic Con, Limited-Edition of 200.

IO9 lists the 25 easy rules of Comic Con etiquette.

Disney has announced that a prequel to John Carter will be published by Marvel Comics.

Producer Denise Di Novi gives ComingSoon and update on the long-in-development live action movie based on the Hanna-Barbera cartoon The Jetsons:

“I’ve been developing that for so many years. We actually just turned a new draft in of that script last week to the studio, so I’m still trying to make it. I still think it would be a hit movie. (Robert Rodriguez) was attached to it and his version was fantastic, but honestly, it wasn’t a mainstream studio version. It was kind of his version of what he would shoot at his studio in Texas. He’s got a great set-up down there, and I think part of it is that ‘it may be fun to play with all those big toys at the studio’ but he has a pretty good system going.”

Mahdi Chowdhury created this poster for Alfred Hitchcock‘s Vertigo.

SyFy has renewed Merlin for a fourth season.

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