Movieline has the poster for Take Shelter.

AMC will add ten movie IMAX theatres in the US.

Peter Clute has created a model of Toy Story‘s Woody as a Terminator, to accompany his Terminator Buzz Lightyear custom toy.

Alexander Payne‘s The Descendants moves to November 23rd while Five Year Engagement sets a release for April 27th 2012.

Found on Reddit: A JAWS/Star Wars mash-up poster “JAWAS”

Cracked lists 32 Insane Movie Ideas Built Out of Existing Movie Titles.

Director Ruben Fleischer tweeted out this photo from preproduction on The Gangster Squad.

BuzzFeed lists 20 movie characters named John.

Stanford University students have created a “JediBot” that can fight a duel against a human opponent using a Microsoft Kinect sensor hack.

Ralph Fiennes will direct a Charles Dickens biopic titled The Invisible Woman.

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