There are 50 Seinfeld references in this t-shirt from 80’sTees.

MTV takes a look at The Worst Reviews For The ‘Best Picture’ Nominees. Armond White makes the list twice.

Kevin Smith promotes his Red State screening/Q&A at Radio City Music Hall on March 5th 2011 on YouTube.

Ranker lists Top 14 Hottest Best Friends From Chick Flicks

Julia Griffin has produced a line of bags with hand painted B-Movie themes. [fashionably geek]

Film School Rejects presents a drinking game for Unstoppable.

RedBubble has a t-shirt mashup of Looney Toones‘ Porky Pig’s closing line and the Chestburster from Spaceballs. [shirtoid]

A newly translated Russian novel retells Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings from the perspective of the bad guys. [salon]

Buzzfeed has a round up of fan-made posters for The Dark Knight Rises.

Guy Ritchie will not be directing the 300 sequel Xerxes. [ew]

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