Kinsey (2004); Bill Condon, director.

Forget that this movie is about sex. It is a fascinating portrait of how a man can become obsessed with this work, so much that he can destroy his personal relationships. It also casts a light on how a group of intellectuals can bond together and go a little insane when working closely on something they feel is important.

But, yes, it is also how American culture was terrified of erections just a few short years ago. Kinsey was nominated for a bunch of awards and made a bit of a splash – but I wonder if it ever got taken seriously beyond being a prurient biopic. If you have seen it, it may be worth a second look.

Chloe (2009); Atom Egoyan, director.

Well, I certainly have no doubt you’ve all seen certain clips from this erotic thriller, but the whole movie is pretty good, too.

Loosely based on Anne Fontaine’s French film Nathalie. . ., Chloe elevates itself from its trashy premise with some innovative editing tricks, gorgeous interior design and some top notch performances. The heart is Julianne Moore, boiling teapot of regret and frustration, but Liam Neeson comes off as the world’s coolest musicology professor.

The Good Mother (1988); Dennis Leonard Nimoy, director.

Okay, I’m not really sure this courtroom drama qualifies as a good movie. Frankly, I don’t remember it much, but I’m pretty sure I saw it. Why am I including it?


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