Kevin Smith Eyes Supporting Cast for Zack and Miri

Kevin Smith has announced the supporting cast for Zack and Miri Make a Porno, kinda. Actually, he’s uploaded a bunch of photos of eye close-ups as a tease. The View Askew fans are on the case, trying to match up headshots to the teaser photos.

Zack and Miri Supporting Cast Eyes

Who are these six actors/actresses? Find out at least four of them after the jump.

1. Pornstar Katie Morgan

Katie Morgan

2. Craig Robinson

Craig Robinson

4. Jeff Anderson

Jeff Anderson

 5. Jason Mewes

Jason Mewes

Everyone is still unable to confirm #3 and #6. Top guesses so far have Traci Lords as #3 and Jamie Ball or Steve Zahn as #6. We’ll update the story when we have final confirmation.

Smith did confirm that while the film might feature a pornstar (#1), that Zack & Miri do not approach a pornstar for advice in the movie. Kevin says that “Nobody in the cast is playing themselves. Everyone is playing a character.”

What do you guys think of the supporting cast? Anyone have a better guess for #3 or #6?

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