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The latest of Gulliver’s travels has brought him here to Oxford, my hometown. Or near enough – the film shoot has set up for a couple of weeks of on-location work at Blenheim Palace, just a few miles down the road from the University town I call home.

From the various pap snaps of the shooting taking place, it looks like most of the main Gulliver’s Travels cast are on hand – Jack Black, Emily Blunt and Catherine Tate as well as James Corden and Billy Connolly who I did not previously know to be involved. A sampling of the pictures after the break, revealing the costumes, the pageantry and the all-American game that Gulliver appears to be exporting.

This first image comes from the photobucket account of one Clare O.

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What’s everybody looking at the skies for? Up to the giant Gulliver? Well, that’s entirely possible but I think it could also be, judging from the relatively shallow eyelines, that they’re looking for a stray basketball. See this second image, from The Daily Mail, which reveals that Gulliver has bought the sport with him to this other land.

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The owner of the England On The Hoof blog also fired off a few shots on his birthday trip to Blenheim. Here’s one.

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None of these shots show Jack Black, but those able to squint will see him in this last picture, from The Oxford Mail. I saw a much larger reproduction of the image in the paper yesterday but didn’t nab it for a scan as I thought it would also be online. Which, as you can see, it actually is – though only at Lilliputian scale. Like, totally get with the now, Oxford Mail. I bet you don’t even have a MySpace, yaaaa.

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Blenheim Palace was also the location for several scenes in The Young Victoria, another picture starring Emily Blunt. Perhaps they’ll name a suite after her or give her a loyalty card or something.

I was amused and intrigued by a Daily Express report that the Duke of Marlborough is looking forward to meeting Billy Connolly, probably doesn’t know who Jack Black is and allowed the filming at his home as the original book is one of his favourites. He’ll be apalled by the film, then, surely?

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