Get Smart: Five New TV Spots

Get Smart

Warner Bros has released five new television spots for the upcoming big screen adaptation of Get Smart. I grew up on a steady diet of Nick at Nite: Get Smart, The Dick Van Dyke Show, and Mr. Ed. The Mel Brooks created spy comedy series was always my favorite of the bunch, so understandably I’ve been excited about for this movie since day one. I’ve heard a bunch of good things from a couple friends who have seen the film at test screenings. I’m just wondering if it looks too stupid to people who are unfamiliar with the series it is based on. Watch the five new television spots below.

Get Smart TV Spot: Same Page

[flv: 460 260]

Get Smart TV Spot: Super Agents

[flv: 460 260]

Get Smart TV Spot: World-Class

[flv: 460 260]

Get Smart TV Spot: Plain Smart

[flv: 460 260]

Get Smart TV Spot: No Escape

[flv: 460 260]

Get Smart hits theaters on June 20th 2008.

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