5. The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey  – (NO) I only say “No” here because, The Hobbit had so much to live up to and didn’t meet those expectations. At this time last year, no one could blame me for picking it. It’s a new Lord of the Rings movie by director Peter Jackson and we all thought it was going be to two movies, not three. That definitely hurt and didn’t make it as memorable as one would have hoped. It’s fun, but flawed. Read my review here.

4. The Dark Knight Rises – (NO) This one is embarrassing. Not that I picked it for this spot, because it was obviously a film we were all looking forward to. More so because if you’d asked me if it was worthy immediately when I walked out of the theater, I would have said “Yes.” I mean, read my review, it points out flaws but is largely positive. But the longer I thought about the movie and the more times I revisited it (three in the theater, once since) the worse it got. Plot holes, boring stretches, I truly think it’s a mess. So while I did give the film a positive review at the time, it gets a “No” now. Time was not kind to this hyped up film.

3. The Master  – (YES) Paul Thomas Anderson rarely disappoints and even though The Master is, by far, his least accessible film, I still find myself thinking about it months later. I’m not sure if it’ll make my top 10, 2012 was a pretty great overall, but it’ll be in contention.

2. The Avengers – (YES) Is The Avengers an amazing film? No. Does it all make perfect sense? No. Did I see it four times in the theater because Joss Whedon infused so much fun and energy into it? Yes. No matter what criticism people might have, or I agree with, I still love The Avengers and am proud to have picked it. Here’s my review.

1. Prometheus (NO) I don’t dislike Prometheus. There are plenty of good things to take out of it. But for what it could have been, what I wanted it to be when I picked it as my most anticipated film of 2012, it just didn’t live up to those lofty expectations. Too many plot holes, too much marred logic, too many questions at the end. Here’s my review.

Seven out of ten isn’t bad. For the most part, they were very obvious choices. Big films by big filmmakers and none of them really surprised any of us by being that much better, or worse, than we’d hoped. It just so happens smaller films were better in 2012. That said, this wasn’t a terrible list. Check back next week to see if 2013 is any better.

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