When Mondo revealed they’d be doing Back to the Future posters, it was enough to get even the casual fan excited. But that was in March. They’ve finally revealed the second poster in the series and it’s by Mark Englert, a name that’s familiar to Alien or Breaking Bad fans but a newcomer to the Mondo roster. It’s of one of the iconic scenes in the film, the first time the DeLorean jumps to 1955 but – what makes it really special – is that its glow in the dark element shows exactly that. And then the variant is even more geeky. Check out the posters after the jump.

If you didn’t guess, the variant is from the alternative timeline at the end of the film. Here are the specs.

The regular is a¬†12″x36″ screen print with glow in the dark ink in an edition of 375. It’ll cost $50.

The variant¬†12″x36″ screen print with glow in the dark ink in an edition of 150. It’ll cost $75.

Both with go on sale, along with this Adventure Time poster by JJ Harrison, on Thursday September 13. Follow @MondoNews for the release.

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