Last night we told you that Eastbound & Down writer Shawn Harwell was writing a big screen comedy adaptation of the graphic novel Hench for Danny McBride. The story follows a football player who suffers a career-ending injury and resorts to working as henchman to a successful villain. CHUD has learned that McBride is pushing Warner Bros to set the film in the DC Comics universe, and allow them to involve some of the super villains.

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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles co-creator Peter Laird confirms to MTV that the current idea for the just announced live-action TMNT reboot is to do it “Batman Begins-style”, retelling the Turtles’ origin story. The film would probably include Shredder, April O’Neil and Casey Jones, but might even include other characters from the Turtles universe.

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King of Kong director Seth Gordon has signed on to direct Suicide Squad for Working Title Films and Universal Pictures. According to THR, the story follows a desperate con man, out on parole, who recruits a crew of amateur criminals to rip off the Kentucky Derby. Sounds kinda like if Oceans Eleven was made up of a team of losers and never-have-beens. Brother screenwriting team Matt and Billy Eddy penned the latest draft, based on an original script by Chris Johnson. Gordon makes his fictional feature film debut with the Reese Witherspoon/Vince Vaughn romantic comedy Four Christmases.

Meanwhile, our friends at FirstShowing were able to catch up with Gordon at the Four Christmases junket, and got an update on New Line’s fictional remake of The King of Kong. Last we heard, Scott Pilgrim screenwriter Michael Bacall was hired to pen the script. Gordon says that the remake will “be less of the talking heads” and will show moments they weren’t able to film in the process of making the documentary.

“But in terms of the story, it’s going to be a very similar story – about Wiebe losing his job, rediscovering Kong, thinking he’s the best in the world at something only to have it taken away by a guy who won’t let go of his title,” Gordon told FS. “We’re going to try, if we can, to really reference and use the documentary where possible. To me it’s about not compromising the original, if we can help it.”

New Line supposedly has “a really strong, aggressive commitment to it” and Gordon expects it to go into production “pretty soon”. But from the sound of the Suicide Squad announcement, probably not soon enough.

New Star Wars Online Game Confirmed

/Gamer reports that Bioware and LucasArts will be releasing a Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic epicly-sized Massively Multiplayer Online Game called Star Wars: The Old Republic.

” The game will take place thousands of years prior to when Darth Vader ruled the empire and about 300 years after the original Knights of the Old Republic — which was released back in 2003. If you were to compare the second installment of Knights of the Old Republic to the new MMO — don’t! The next game in series has “dwarfed” the previous entries. Muzyka called it, ‘A mammoth undertaking.’ “

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Announcing /Gamer: Get Your E3 Coverage Here

I have a Big Announcement: We’re launching a video game blog called /gamer. It’s actually something that’s been in the works for a while now – years actually. SlashGamer.com will cover all the latest news in the video game industry, in addition to pointing you towards some of the cool video game related stuff from around the web and beyond. Basically, imagine if /Film covered video games instead of movies – That’s /Gamer!

The site is currently in beta and is now live at slashgamer.com. We’ll be live at the E3 Media & Business Summit this week covering all the latest video game announcements. /Gamer editor Jon Christensen will be on the floor and will be in attendance at all the press conferences, bringing you all the news as it happens. I might also be dropping in to bring you some of the movie related happenings at the summit. Did I mention the site is in beta? So please pardon the dust and construction work going on in the background.

So if you love video games even one tenth as much as Jon, then be sure to head on over to slashgamer.com right now. Check it out, tell your friends. Bookmark the site to follow us as it grows!

Fake Video Game News from 25 Years Ago: Japan Company Nintendo Introduces the Nintendo Entertainment System

And before you ask, those cute super mario cupcakes were the creation of an Australian “Cupcake Ninja” named Naomi. Check out more of her creations on Flickr.

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