“I’m back. [belch!]“

Oh yes, to be bathed in ketchup-colored red by an R-rated movie trailer inside a cinema. It’s been nearly a decade since the largest theater chain in North America, Regal Entertainment Group, showed its last restricted movie trailer but times are a changing. Regal will reintroduce the kid hating trailers before R-rated and NC17-rated films, with other exhibitors expected to follow suit.

Be sure to thank Judd Apatow, whose open endorsement of filthy dialogue and red band trailers for Knocked Up and Superbad, which were posted exclusively on the Internet and turned into outright sensations, helped jump start the decision. And, while you’re at it, thank Peter at Slashfilm, who lead the ‘Net charge and got rid of those pesky age restriction gates to many squares’ chagrin.

Back in 2000, a report by the Federal Trade Commission spanked the entertainment industry for marketing violence to children, even though back in those “wild days” red band trailers still weren’t supposed to be shown in front of a PG or G films. The red promotional tide was soon gone from mainstream theaters, and looking back on it, crowd pleasing R-rated films also went the way of John McClane spouting profanity at evil doers. So, lovers of R-rated films, Sexman and those in between: dance.

Discuss: Now that R-rated films are easier to market to wide audiences, do you think Regal’s decision will have any impact on studios making R-rated flicks? If PG-13 was a person, would you hang out with him?

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Retro Movie Trailers: The Indiana Jones Trilogy

Indiana Jones

With the release of the Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull movie trailer, I thought a look back at the original films is in order. So below you will find the trailers that made up the original Indiana Jones trilogy. Step into the Delorean, and take a trip back in time with me…

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There have been reports that audiences seeing Cloverfield this weekend are going wild for the attached Star Trek teaser trailer, but my screening was dead quiet. And I can’t tell whether the mere four comments /Film received on our post about the bootleg version being on YouTube (still there) are a sign of disinterest, mild disappointment or reservation for the official version. Up until yesterday, I had a bad feeling about J.J. Abrams‘s mega-budgeted December vision for Trek. The casting has been all over the place, and the filmmakers’ hardcore need to include Leonard Nimoy and as much canon as possible reminded me of the early warning signs for Superman Returns. But the trailer struck a cord with me.

The steady shot on the U.S.S. Enterprise under construction perfectly evoked how vast, dangerous and mysterious space actually is, and Nimoy’s “final frontier” line didn’t possess the stark confidence I’d expected. Instead, it sounded foreboding and safety belt-worthy. The theme music even had a refreshed alien sophistication. After seeing what J.J. and his team did minutes later with Manhattan and how tiny and disposable humans were in a monster’s wrath, their Star Trek now has my full attention.

Producer Roberto Orci spoke with to expand on the filmmakers’ intentions for the moderately esoteric and largely eerie teaser. To the Trekkies who remain adamant that the Enterprise must be built in space in accordance with canon, or “fanon” even, rather than on Earth, Orci breaks out the science and “creative license.” This is sort of impressive…

Firstly, there is the notion that there is precedent in the novels, etc that components of the ship can be built on Earth and assembled here or there. And the second thing is that the Enterprise is not some flimsy yacht that has to be delicately treated and assembled. The idea that things have to be assembled in space has normally been associated with things that don’t have to be in any kind of pressure situation and don’t ever have to ever enter a gravity well. That is not the case with the Enterprise. The Enterprise actually has to sustain warp, which we know is not actually moving but more a warping of space around it. And we know that its decks essentially simulate Earth gravity and so its not the kind of gravity created by centrifugal force, it is not artificially created by spinning it. It is created by an artificial field and so it is very natural, instead of having to create a fake field in which you are going to have to calibrate everything, to just do it in the exact gravity well in which you are going to be simulating.

Orci deadens the rumors that the Enterprise is shown being constructed at Area 51, but won’t confirm nor deny that the location is San Francisco. And he doesn’t seemed worried about the film’s title not being included on the teaser, which I found to be an extremely intriguing decision on first view. As for what the trailer is supposed to convey to today’s audiences…

This is who we are. This is real. This is maybe not so far off in the future as it used to be. In the 60s the cell phone was a fantasy. Now the communicator that Kirk had is not as advanced as my iPhone. It is a different millennium for God’s sake. We are literally a century closer than we were before.

What I found most interesting was the following quote, which implies that this Trek is both inspired by JFK’s pivotal role in the space race and hopes to refocus peoples’ attention back on exploration as well.

First of all, it has been written about that Kirk was in a way modeled after JFK. Like being the youngest captain ever, like Kennedy was the youngest President ever. Obviously the space race being kicked off by JFK is very much associated with Star Trek. It was also due to what we just discussed and linking it back to today. If we do indeed have a Federation, I think Kennedy’s words will be inscribed in their someplace. He kicked us off. And on a third level it is a slight nod to Star Trek Enterprise, in that we are not blind to the fact that going back to some of the more historical aspects of Star Trek that haven’t been covered in a while

It’s not everyday that I care to hear a producer wax on a teaser trailer, but Orci enhanced my take on it. Did you find the teaser to be too esoteric, too uneventful, or too, um, industrial? Do you feel that general audiences made the connection that it was for Star Trek, as there are quibbles from fans going about?

Retro Movie Trailer: Back to the Future

 Back to the Future Teaser Trailer

One of the teaser trailers from the early 1980s, just happens to be for my favorite movie of all time – Back to the Future. I assume this trailer was filmed early on in the production, as it contains absolutely no footage from the feature film. Most of the earlier teaser trailers were like this (JAWS, Superman: The Movie). It’s insanely cheesy and worth watching. Check out the original teaser trailer for Back to the Future after the jump.
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In honor of the fourth of July holiday, we bring you the movie advertisement which has been credited with starting the whole Superbowl advertisement extravaganza (at least in terms of Hollywood films). For those of you you enough not to have seen this advertisement when it first aired in January of 1996, let me tell you – it shocked everyone who was watching. It caught everyone off guard. Most recently people have been comparing the Independence Day tv spot with the new teaser trailer for the JJ Abrams produced monster movie Cloverfield, which is attached to Transformers. I apologize about the jerkiness of the video, but this was the best quality copy I could find. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the movie trailer after the jump. Because it Could Be Your LAST!

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The Thing

On Saturday, we launched a new feature on /Film called Retro Movie Trailer Flashback. We intended this feature to be a once a week thing, unless we came across something really special or in the case that it was a slow news day. And it turns out both this video and tonight qualify. Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer ruled the box office this weekend, and to honor the series we present to you the movie trailer for the 1994 version of The Fantastic Four movie. If you thought Tim Story did a bad job, check this out.

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Retro Movie Trailer: Steven Speilberg’s Jaws


We’ve decided to introduce a new feature here on /Film where we open the vault and bring back some of the great (and even not so great) movie trailers from the past. We have decided to start with one of our favorites, the trailer for the film that made you afraid to go into the water, Steven Speilberg’s Jaws. You have to love the great 1970′s voice over, and the underwater P.O.V. cut-aways. Watch the trailer after the jump.

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