Han Solo Sequels

Next month will bring Solo: A Star Wars Story to the big screen, and we’ll see how Star Wars fans react when the film gives a beloved character a full origin story without the actor who originally played him. Disney and Lucasfilm seem confident that Han Solo will bring audiences into theaters, and it sounds like they think there’s franchise potential here.

Solo: A Star Wars Story star Alden Ehrenreich, who has the Herculean task of fitting into the shoes previously filled by Harrison Ford, recently sat down for an interview where he seemingly and accidentally revealed that he’s signed on for three total Star Wars movies at Lucasfilm. Read More »

Solo Character Posters

A whole gaggle of Solo character posters have arrived, introducing us to the characters who occupy the latest Star Wars Story. The best of the bunch offers up a new look at Jon Favreau‘s character, an alien named Rio.

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halloween poster

The first official Halloween poster has arrived, giving us our first look at the modern day Michael Myers in David Gordon Green‘s new reboot/sequel. Feast your eyes on The Shape below.

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matt ferguson infinity war posters

We’ve been covering the pop culture artwork of UK-based artist Matt Ferguson for more than half a decade at this point and are always impressed, but this might be his best piece yet.

A pentaptych of five interconnected posters for Avengers: Infinity War which will be released exclusively through Odeon Cinemas. So if you’re seeing this event film at Odeon, you might walk home with one of these posters. But what does one poster do for you? You need to collect all five to make for the best possible display. So I guess you’ll just have to see Infinity War five times in the movie theater! And thus Odeon’s evil plan has worked.

Below, check out the Matt Ferguson Infinity War poster in full and also check out some detailed close-ups.

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Paul Shipper Avengers Infinity War Poster

While fans are always excited to see the latest trailer for the next installment of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, another side of the marketing for these movies has been consistently disappointing.

The posters that hang in movie theaters and eventually make it to the walls of fans are usually Photoshop creations of floating heads and bodies. Sure, they’re often arranged in a visually pleasing way, but they don’t stack up to the quality of a real artist illustrating these iconic characters. That’s especially a shame when you consider how gorgeous these characters look in the panels of various Marvel Comics arcs.

Thankfully, artist Paul Shipper, who is as close as we’ve come to a modern day Drew Struzan, was commissioned to save the day by creating an illustrated Avengers: Infinity War poster, and it’s the best poster we’ve seen for the Marvel sequel yet. Read More »

Cool Posts From Around the Web:

Incredibles 2 Poster

Next week, we’ll be bringing you a whole bunch of new details about Incredibles 2. But in the meantime, Disney and Pixar want to get the hype train started with a brand new poster that shows our favorite superhero family in action, along with some new characters that we haven’t seen in any footage yet.

However, there’s a chance that we might see them appear in the new trailer that will arrive sometime tomorrow. In the meantime, check out the new Incredibles 2 poster below!

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Avengers Infinity War Posters

The start of summer blockbuster season is just around the corner. In fact, things will kick off a little early with the arrival of Avengers: Infinity War in their bumped-up release date of April 27. That gives Earth’s mightiest heroes and their team-up with the Guardians of the Galaxy a little extra time to rake in the dough before the Merc with a Mouth arrives to take care of business in Deadpool 2 on May 18.

But both Avengers: Infinity War and Deadpool 2 can co-exist on the big screen this summer, and their marketing campaigns are in full swing, complete with several new posters that have arrived from around the globe. A couple of the posters feature Easter eggs while the others just feature an overwhelming array of superheroes. Either way, the audience wins. Read More »

New Infinity War posters

If there’s one thing Avenger: Infinity War needed, it’s more posters! Marvel’s mega-movie is almost upon us, and before it gets here, we might just end up with posters for all 76 characters in the film. See the new Infinity War posters below.

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incredibles 2 poster

All your family vacations will pale in comparison to the summer that the Parrs are about to have. Incredibles 2 is gearing up for its highly anticipated summer release, dropping a new poster showing our favorite super family catching some rays.

See the new Incredibles 2 poster below.

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Infinity War posters

Marvel has assembled a whole new line of Avengers: Infinity War posters, breaking the film’s many characters off into several teams. Like most Marvel posters, these leave a lot to be desired from an artistic standpoint, but there is still much for fans to enjoy here. See the Infinity War posters below.

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