I Love You Phillip Morris has yet to hit the big screen in America and it’s already infamous. After premiering at the Sundance Film Festival in 2009, the film attracted controversy for its explicit portrayal of two gay lovers, played by Jim Carrey and Ewan McGregor. It then went through several lengthy, well publicized behind-the-scenes battles with companies purchasing it, setting release dates, folding, then taking it off the table completely. Finally, it seems as if the gay con man comedy will be released on December 3 and a brand new, Red Band trailer for this incredible true story has come online. We’ve got it after the jump and while it’s possible you’ve feel bludgeoned by news about this movie (we have, after all, posted several trailers already) having seen the flick myself, this is probably the best representation of it to date. Read More »


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The Jim Carrey and Ewan McGregor gay love story slash prison break film I Love You, Phillip Morris just can’t catch a break in the US. Or, it hasn’t been able to catch a break in the past year since being picked up well after Sundance by Consolidated Pictures Group. Now a judge in California has issued a preliminary injunction to prevent Consolidated from releasing the film. In reality, this may be the first break the film has had, because Consolidated doesn’t seem able to release the film as planned. Read More »


Any straight guy who sees The Runaways will have difficulty standing up to go text outside, what with a 15-year-old Dakota Fanning seducing Japan in a bustier, snorting coke, and tonguing KStew. I mean, what does it all mean? And it’s only moderately less awkward discussing the burgeoning sexuality and punk hedonism of young girls with another guy. So, rather than compute my feelings about the rock biopic into a traditional review, I decided to ask a female’s opinion. /Film could not be more psyched to discourse on The Runaways with NYC-based author Marisa Meltzer, whose swell new book, Girl Power, is about the history and culture of female rockers.

Hunter Stephenson: Following the press screening for The Runaways, I was surprised to hear you loved the film. Having written a book on the legacies and challenges of females in punk, rock, and pop music from the ’70s onward, what real insight does the movie offer on the subject?

Marisa Meltzer: I guess I should admit that I’m a person who is very easily entertained. When you throw in platforms, teenage makeout sessions, and The Stooges on the soundtrack, I’m willing to overlook the film’s flaws. And there are certainly flaws: too much exposition, terrible character development of the other band members, narrative cliches. But I think one important thing to remember is that there really aren’t that many stories being told about women in music—and directed by a woman, no less!—so I’m excited when anyone throws me a bone. I think it’s important for people, especially young women, who might go see The Runaways to realize that girls playing rock music wasn’t always a given, and that their gender was way more of a barrier just a few decades ago than it is now.

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Jack And Diane

We’ve been covering the development of Jack & Diane for over four years now. This predates the whole Twilight craze, and predates the breakout success of Juno. Bradley Rust Gray’s film is about two teenage lesbians, originally set to be played by Ellen Page and Olivia Thirlby.

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Bruno: Watch La Toya Jackson’s Deleted Scene

As many of you might recall, Michael Jackson died right before Bruno‘s release, and Universal Pictures decided to cut a scene from the film at the last minute which involved Michael’s sister La Toya Jackson, “out of sensitivity to the Jackson family.” The scene is of course included in the deleted scene section of the special features on the Blu-ray/DVD release, which hits stores on November 17th. You can definitely see why Universal and the filmmakers decided to cut the sequence from the theatrical release. Watch it now after the jump.

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Bruno Blu-Ray Breakdown and Video Commentary Clips

Available from November 17th in the US, but this Monday November the 9th here in the UK, are the DVD and Blu-ray special editions of Bruno. I absolutely loved the film, and still consider it amongst my few favourite films of the year. This is what I want from the crossover between documentary and fiction, not silly pranks like Paranormal Activity.

I’m just through with the Bruno Blu-ray disc and, frankly, have been floored by the special features it contains. As well as the expected alternative, deleted and extended scenes there’s a brilliant enhanced commentary with Sacha Baron Cohen and Larry Charles that I found almost as entertaining as the movie proper. This is the real reason to buy the disc. Even Bruno naysayers might be interested in finding out who we see in the film was actually in on the act, and who was unsuspecting.

After the break, more on the disc’s features and some clips from the video commentary.

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Bruno Green Band Movie Trailer


For all of you who were unable to watch the previously released Bruno red band movie trailer, Universal Pictures has premiered a new green band version of the trailer without the nudity, dildos and other NSFW elements. But aside from a couple edits, this new trailer is virtually the same thing. Check it out embedded after the jump thanks to MTV.
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i love you phillip morris

I Love You, Phillip Morris premiered at the 2009 Sundance Film Festival to fairly good reviews, but distributors have been turned off by “the graphic homosexual sex depicted in the film,” and the film has yet to score domestic theatrical distribution, until now. Variety reports that the Jim Carrey/Ewan McGregor comedy has finally been acquired by Consolidated Pictures Group for domestic distribution. An earlier report stated that thefilm was being re-edited in “a last ditch attempt to find an American distributor. It is unclear if the original cut or a new cut will be distributed to theaters in the U.S. And no word yet on a release date.

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