The Super Bowl has its charms, but with all due respect to the Carolina Panthers and the Denver Broncos, it’s got nothing on the epic showdown coming in Captain America: Civil War. The movie pits Avengers teammates Captain America (Chris Evans) and Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.) against each other in a battle that threatens to tear apart the MCU’s entire population of superheroes — including new additions like Black Panther (Chadwick Boseman) and Spider-Man (Tom Holland).

A new Super Bowl spot digs a little deeper into the superhero-vs.-superhero feud, teasing some of the major action and drama to come. Watch the Captain America: Civil War Super Bowl spot after the jump.  Read More »


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Superman on Supergirl

Last fall, not long after Supergirl had premiered on CBS, we learned that a teenage Superman would be making an appearance on the show. At the time, that prospect seemed a little strange, even if flashbacks were employed as a narrative device. After all, Kal-El was sent to Earth as a baby and Kara (Melissa Benoist) was sent after him in order to watch over him as he grew up. As we know, that never happened. So how would Kara and Kal-El ever interact when the latter was an adolescent? Last week’s episode gave us our answer.

In an upcoming episode, Supergirl will be dealing with Black Mercy, a parasitic plant from the end of last weeks episode. This plant has the power to enter the pleasure center of a person in a coma, giving them a vision of their perfect life. So Kara will see her little cousin in these visions, and that’s how we’ll get a young Superman on the show. Does any of this sound familiar? Read More »


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Dan Stevens to Lead FX’s X-Men Spinoff ‘Legion’

Dan Stevens in The Guest

Cousin Matthew is going to be a superhero. Downton Abbey alum and The Guest star Dan Stevens has just been cast to lead FX’s X-Men spinoff Legion, alongside Parks and Recreation‘s Aubrey Plaza and Fargo‘s Jean Smart. The trio join Fargo breakout Rachel Keller, who was cast last monthRead More »

manhattan canceled

Television is a fickle mistress. Here is a creative medium that places every possible roadblock in your way and then still finds a way to trip you after you’ve seemingly cleared every hurdle. And yet, some shows can recover when they have the right champions, like DC’s planned Teen Titans series, which may not be as dead as previously indicated. Meanwhile, WGN has officially pulled the plug on the critically acclaimed but under-watched Manhattan, retroactively transforming its season two finale into a series finale.

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agent carter visual effects

These days, I’m often more blown away by subtle and invisible special effects that call no attention to themselves than anything else. Sure, your CGI monsters can look cool and some of the work being done with motion capture technology is nothing short of astonishing, but those kinds of visual effects always look like visual effects. In the back of your brain, you just know you’re looking at something crafted in a computer, no matter how genuinely impressive it is.

And this is why I enjoyed this new Agent Carter visual effects reel so much, which reveals that the 1946 New York City of the show’s first season was almost entirely digital… and you really don’t notice until it’s pointed out to you.

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The Flash Supergirl crossover

2016 is definitely the year of the superhero team-up. Cap and Iron Man are assembling their teams for Civil War, while Bats, Supes, and Wonder Woman brace themselves for the Dawn of Justice. And now two of TV’s most lovable superheroes are also looking to join forces.

Grant Gustin, who leads The CW’s The Flash, is officially set to guest-star on an upcoming episode of CBS’ Supergirl, which stars Melissa Benoist as the titular superheroine. Get all the details on the Flash Supergirl crossover after the jump.  Read More »