tribecaIn this special bonus episode of the /Filmcast, David Chen speaks with Katey Rich from Cinemablend, Matt Singer from IFC News, and Russ Fischer from CHUD about the Tribeca film festival and Independent Film Festival Boston. The four of them discuss some of their favorite movies from the festival, their disappointments, and what the festival experience was like this year.

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Geoffrey Gilmore Leaves Sundance For Tribeca

geoffrey gilmore sundance

I debated on if I should even write this story. I mean, how many readers out there even know who Geoffrey Gilmore is, or why he is important to the landscape of independent film? Followers on Twitter encouraged me to write the piece anyway, and try to explain the significance. Many people believe that Robert Redford is the guy who runs the Sundance Film Festival, and while that might technically be true, Geoffrey Gilmore is the director of the festival’s programing. He’s been with the festival for 19 years and prior to Sundance, he served as head of the UCLA Film and Television Archive’s Programming Department for 15 years.

Today it was announced that Gilmore would be leaving Sundance to join New York’s Tribeca Film Festival as Chief Creative Officer. It’s hard to explain the significance of this move without an understanding of how Sundance changed the landscape of independent film. And unfortunately, I don’t have the time to go into that fully. But if you can understand for a moment that Sundance is a festival that sets the tides for the independent film, and that Gilmore was the head tastemaker behind the organization, than you will only begin to understand how Gilmore has effected Independent film as a whole. In theory, a great film will be eventually discovered. But in reality, it doesn’t always happen that way.
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Remember earlier in the year when rumor spread across the interwebs that Josh Brolin would be playing a Terminator in McG’s Terminator Salvation? Well it turns out there was something to the rumor after all. Brolin admitted to MTV that he was in talks to join the production.

“Yeah. I talked to Christian [Bale] for a couple hours,” Brolin told MTV. “I really liked the script though I hear that’s not what they filmed. The one I read was very interesting and dark. Ultimately though I didn’t think it felt right.”

Brolin would probably have played the character of Marcus, which is played by Avatar star Sam Worthington in the completed film. And speaking of the completed film, McG told a German Newspaper that the final running time for the movie will be around 2 hours and 10 minutes! So those of you who are expecting a 90 or 100 minute popcorn movie, might want to think again.

VOTD: Film Junkie

Film Junkie by Tribeca Film Festival

The Pitch: Are You A Film Junkie? These series of Film Junkie spots were created for the Tribeca Film Festical by Scott Vincent. More after the jump. Thanks to /Film reader Kinomozg for the tip.

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The Hammer Movie Trailer

The Hammer

I always wondered why Adam Carolla never took off as a movie star. His comic timing and charisma has carried him through the popular long running radio show Loveline, and the popular television show The Man Show. Last year Corolla went out and filmed an independent comedy called The Hammer, which premiered at last year’s Tribeca Film Festival to a nice response (the film is currently getting a 8.4 on imdb). Check out the trailer after the jump.
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Rosario Dawson’s Descent Movie Trailer

Rosario Dawson in Descent

When we talked to Rosario Dawson a couple months ago at the Grindhouse junket, she was very excited about her first effort as a producer:

I went to Strasburg with Hayden Christensen, Scarlett Johansson, and I’m in these classes and that’s how I met Talia Lugacy, wearing her long curly hair and big Stanley Kubrick t-shirt. She was very very serious, and walked into the DGA at ten years old to try to get her card. And they were like, “Read cute little girl, try again.” And I met her when I was sixteen and she was fifteen and we always said she was going to write and direct and I was going to act and produce. I was in all except one of her sight and sound films at NYU. I produced her thesis film which was this twenty minute film we did called the Bliss Fires on 35 mill. They asked me at Glamor magazine to direct a short film and I asked if she could direct it and it really established us as a bona-fide team. And this is our first feature together, but this is something that has been twelve years in the process. So it is very exciting for me to bring this out, as much as it seems like I’m piggybacking off of other stuff. This has always been in the agenda.

Descent (not to be confused with last year’s horror film The Descent), is about a college co-ed who is brutally raped and takes revenge into her own hands. From what I understand, the film is very very dark and raw. It premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival earlier this month to lackluster reviews. But this new movie trailer has caught our interest (although the voice over guy needs to be replaced). Check it out after the jump.

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Tribeca Movie Review: The Optimists

The following film was screened at the 2007 Tribeca Film Festival.

The Optimists

The Optimists (Optimisti)
Spotlight, Narrative
2006, Serbia
Dir: Goran Paskaljevic

Everything’s good and getting better, or so the characters in The Optimists think. With a vivid sense of humor, irony, and sadness, director Goran Paskaljevic creates five stories of people struggling to overcome their harsh realities, while fighting to see the good in their endeavors. Paskaljevic presents a crew of confused individuals, blinded by their hopes of prevailing, that continue to get stuck in unfortunate situations. With a magnificent performance by Lazar Ristovski, from Kusturica’s Underground, the film is able to transmit tales of twisted, amusing episodes contrasted with sorrowful experiences. The persons within the film have something going against them, and they either confront this reality with humor or despondency.
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The following film was screened at the 2007 Tribeca Film Festival.

Born and Bred (Nacido y Criado)

Born and Bred (Nacido y Criado)
World Narrative Competition
2006, Argentina
Dir: Pablo Trapero

When the man who has it all suddenly loses it all, his life can make such an unforeseen shift that not even he is prepared for the outcome. In Pablo Trapero’s Born and Bred, the man in this case is Santiago, played with painful resignation by Guillermo Pfening. Santiago, a successful interior designer, is married to Milli, a sleek beauty with a striking onscreen presence. Together, they have a daughter and live a secure life within the decorated walls of their safe haven in Buenos Aires.
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