Gremlins poster easter egg

The poster for Joe Dante‘s Gremlins is classic. I use to even have a gigantic french version of the one-sheet on my wall in my old /Film office. Despite that, I never noticed this fun little easter egg on the poster painted by legendary poster artist John Alvin. /Film reader Paul Bullock alerted me to this hidden tribute to producer Steven Spielberg. Can you see it? Uncover the Gremlins poster easter egg now, after the jump.

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John Carter sequels

Any way you slice it, John Carter was a big fat flop. Which means our chances of ever getting a sequel are essentially zero. But there was a time when Disney was hoping the film would launch a full-fledged franchise. And now, thanks to director Andrew Stanton, we have some idea of where it might have gone. Hit the jump to see what he’s revealed.

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Star Wars 7 alien creature

Yesterday morning we ran a piece on how Jim Henson’s Creature Shop is not involved in Star Wars: Episode VII. Rumors of possible Henson involvement began when JJ Abrams posted a video from the Abu Dhabi set featuring an awesome-looking practical, puppeteered alien creature. We used the opportunity to take a trip through history and explore Jim Henson’s involvement (or non-involvement) in the Star Wars films. When I was writing that piece, another question came up: Who or what is that Star Wars 7 alien creature we see in that video?

As Star Wars nerds, we must explore this question in much further detail than a reasonable person would expect. Join me on my journey to try to figure out the origins of this alien species in a galaxy far far away.

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Jim Henson, Frank Oz and Yoda Star Wars 7 and Jim Henson

Yesterday morning when JJ Abrams posted a video from the Abu Dhabi set of Star Wars: Episode VII, everyone got excited about the appearance of an alien creature which walks by the filmmaker as he makes his charity pitch. Of course, Star Wars is synonymous with alien creatures, but the reason for the excitement was the practical, puppeteered nature of the new alien.

He’s not a computer animated thing, akin to the aliens we saw in the Star Wars prequels. The creature’s inclusion in this early video is deliberate — a message that we’re doing something more like the original trilogy than the prequels. It recalls the statement last summer by Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy that ”We’re going to use every tool in the toolbox.” Many of us who grew up in the 1970s and 1980s were taken back to the days of Jim Henson and practical movie magic. I mean, how cool was that creature?

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Almost Famous

It’s no secret Cameron Crowe had problems giving his 2000 semi-autobiographical film a title. At one point it was actually called Untitled, a clever nod to the musical story held within, as well as an admission of defeat. The studio wouldn’t let that fly, so Crowe went through many different titles before settling on Almost Famous. And it’s a perfect title.

For a contribution to the 300th issue of Empire Magazine, Crowe dug up the original notebook pages where he brainstormed all kinds of different titles for the movie, much like William Miller does during the credits of the film. Check out Cameron Crowe’s alternate Almost Famous titles below. Read More »

captain america 2 international versions

Captain America may be the most American of superheroes — it’s right there in the name — but that doesn’t mean he can’t adapt to other cultures. While audiences around the globe flock to Captain America: The Winter Soldier, they’ll be getting ever-so-slightly different versions of the movie depending on what country they’re watching from. Hit the jump to find out what specific detail has been altered for the Captain America 2 international versions.

UPDATED: Now than Captain America: The Winter Soldier is actually out, Yahoo has a more comprehensive list of Cap’s to-do list for each market. Items that show up in other (non-U.S.) countries include currywurst (Germany), Roberto Benigni (Italy), Daft Punk (France), and Tim Tams (Australia). No matter what country he’s in, though, his curiosity about Thai food remains the same.

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VOTD: The History of the Movie Trailer

movie trailer history

FilmmakerIQ has put together a 15 minute video essay profiling the history of movie trailers. When did movie trailers come about? Why are they called movie trailers? How has the format of movie trailers evolved over the years? How did Jaws and the blockbuster film release strategy change the way movies are advertised? Find out now by watching the movie trailer history video lesson embedded after the jump.

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Mickey Mouse Get a Horse Short - Get A Horse Oswald Cameo

Get A Horse, the 3D animated short seen by millions in front of Frozen, is now on Blu-ray. That means millions more will discover the “lost” Walt Disney animated short, that then becomes a full on, 3D marvel. The short is packed with characters, information, jokes and – surely – easter eggs. For example, in the world of Disney, hidden Mickeys are a big thing. But when the short stars Mickey, what do you do? A hidden Oswald, Disney’s first animated character, of course! Did you miss the Get A Horse Oswald Cameo? Below, check out the image.

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