We’ve run a review of the next-to-last film in the Harry Potter series, which opened to a $24m box-office take last night at midnight. Now it’s your turn to talk about it.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part I is a slower, moody and melancholy entry than any other film in the series, but to my thinking no less effective for it. In fact, despite a slightly awkward structure that sees this film ending just as events in Harry’s life are really about to explode, this plays like one of the strongest film chapters to date. So what did you think about this chapter? As usual, spoilers follow after the break. Read More »


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‘The Next Three Days’ – What Did You Think?

Paul Haggis has directed two theatrical features since 2004: the divisive, Oscar-winning Crash, and the far less-seen In the Valley of Elah. This weekend he returns with The Next Three Days, which stars Russell Crowe and Elizabeth Banks in a remake of the French thriller Pour elle, aka Anything For Her.

When Lara Brennan (Elizabeth Banks), the wife of family man professor John Brennan (Russell Crowe) is arrested for murder, the family is shocked. Evidence damns Lara to a conviction, and as John struggles to raise the couple’s son (Ty Simpkins), he comes to a decision: he’ll break his wife out of prison. So, what are your thoughts on The Next Three Days? Is it an effective thriller, or a soggy, too-lengthy play on emotion? As usual with these posts, spoilers follow after the break. Read More »

LOST: Season Six Premiere – What Did You Think?

Lost: The Final Season

The two-part two-hour premiere of Lost: Season Six aired tonight on ABC. Feel free to discuss the show, your theories and speculation in the comments below.

James Cameron’s Avatar – What Did You Think?

James Cameron

James Cameron‘s Avatar is now in theaters worldwide, and chances are if /Film is your daily stop for movie news, you’ve already seen it (or are seeing it later this weekend). I would like to hear your thoughts on the film.

That doesn’t mean leaving a comment that says “it was AWESOME” or AVATAR sucked!” I want to read your mini review. Forget the hype. Forget the promise of a film which would revolutionize cinema, that was never going to happen. I want to hear what you liked, hated, loved, and so on. Were you amazed at the expansive alien world that Cameron created? Did you become immersed in the 3D projection? Did you forget that you were watching motion captured computer animated blue cat people? Or did the simplistic storyline and sometimes laughable dialogue take you out of it? Will you see the movie in theaters again?   Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

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Avatar Day Footage – What Did You Think?


Today is Avatar Day, and 20th Century Fox is screening footage from James Cameron‘s sci-fi epic Avatar in theaters nationwide. Lets put the bad buzz coming out of the first movie trailer aside, and hear what you thought of the 3D footage sneak preview. I’m about to head to a 6pm downtown San Francisco screening, but you can already read Brendon’s thoughts in a previous blog posting. Did the footage look better on the big screen? How was the 3D? What did you think? Are you excited about the movie more or less than you were before you saw the footage? Share your experiences in the comments below.

District 9 – What Did You Think?

District 9

After months of build-up and viral marketing, District 9 has finally been unleashed in theaters nationwide. We might never get to see Neill Blomkamp‘s adaptation of Halo, but we might have gotten something even better in the end. You’ve already heard my thoughts on the film from Comic-Con, and it has been growing on me the more and more I think back to it. I plan to catch it at the movie theater a second time this weekend. But enough about me, what did you think? Can you believe they made this movie for only $30-$35 million? What did you think of the alien weaponry? What did you like? What didn’t you like? Please leave your thoughts in the comments below?

Stephen Sommers GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra hits theaters today. As more reviews come in, it is becoming more clear why Paramount was afraid to screen this film for critics. The Tomatoemeter rating on Rotten Tomatoes has drops even further with each new review tabulated. At 1:30am on Friday morning, it stands at 52%, and the US reviews won’t begin to be added into the mix until later today.

I hope to check out the film this weekend, but I’m not expecting much. If this film has anything going for it, it’s that everyone is going in with low expectations, which will likely result in “more fun than I was expecting” responses. “Better than Transformers 2″ seems to be the one sentence review quote I’ve heard over and over. But with Transformers 2 considered one of the worst reviewed blockbusters of all time, is that statement really saying much?

Discuss: I want to hear what you guys think. What did you like? What did you hate? Were the action sequences worth the price of the ticket? Did you play with the toys as a kid? I did. Are you a GI Joe fan today? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

Funny People

Judd Apatow’s latest film Funny People hits theaters nationwide today. As I noted yesterday, I haven’t seen the movie yet, as my press screening conflicted with Comic-Con. I have talked to quite a few people who have seen the movie, and their opinions are as across the board as they come – from absolutely hated it to best movie of the year.

The film is currently ranked barely fresh on Rotten Tomatoes with a 64% rating on the tomatometer. The LA Times says that “Sandler and Rogen and the rest are left to wander aimlessly, with tedious comedy gigs, an even more tedious faux sitcom and relatively vapid relationships masquerading as a plot.” While Rolling Stone called it “the film equivalent of a stand-up routine that encompasses the joy, pain, anger, loneliness and aching doubt that go into making an audience laugh.”

The lengthy running time is bound to turn some people off, while others might be upset with the bait and switch (the film is more of a drama about funny people than a comedy — not to say it doesn’t have a lot of laughs). I’m expecting to like it quite a bit as I enjoyed an early draft of the screenplay (although it seems like the third act problems might not have been fixed during production). But since I haven’t seen the film, there isn’t much more to say. Lets hear some opinions of some people who have seen the movie. What did you think?

Discuss: What did you think of Funny People? How does it stand up against Apatow’s previous directorial efforts — 40-Year-Old Virgin and Knocked Up? What did you like, what did you hate? Isn’t Aubrey Plaza totally awesome? Was it too long? Too dramatic? Or funnier than you expected it to be? The spoiler gates are open, so leave your thoughts in the comments below!

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