Infographic: Martin Scorsese is a Man For All Genres

Memory works by compartmentalization. Our minds often like to reduce data to patterns, and those patterns get compacted into simple categories. And so for many people Martin Scorsese, despite having made The Last Waltz, Kundun and The Aviator, is just a director of New York gangster movies. (Maybe with a slight detour up to Boston for The Departed.)

But those who really know Scorsese’s career know that the path he has taken isn’t even vaguely that simple. And while it is easy to think of him as a man who works primarily in one mode, it is far more fascinating to see how he has been able to apply his talent to a very diverse array of subjects.

If you need a reminder, check out the infographic below. Called ‘A Man For All Genres,’ it shows just how much Martin Scorsese has really done since he began to make movies for the public in 1967. Read More »


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Gallery: Thirteen Hilarious Trends In Movie Posters

News flash: today’s movie posters generally suck. The days of Drew Struzan or Saul Bass are long gone and, instead, we’re left with bad Photoshop looking one sheets with a star’s face, a title and a tag line. That unoriginality is part of the reason why niche vendors like Mondo are doing so well. They’re bringing art back to the movie advertising.

Just how bad are today’s movie posters? A French site has broken them down into thirteen trends and illustrated their point with elaborate collages that show dozens and dozens of posters that look exactly the same. It’s both really funny and really not. Check them all out after the jump. Read More »

Infographic: Michael Bay’s Bayhem

Michael Bay is well-known for his use of explosions, helicopters, and sheer budgetary mayhem. But what is the breakdown, by movie, of the use of some of those factors? And which of the films managed to turn Bay’s excess into financial gain?

An infographic called The Formula for Complete and Utter Bayhem breaks it down. Check it out below. Read More »

Infographic: The Ultimate Nerd Guide to New York City

Hollywood may be synonymous with moviemaking, but when it comes to iconic cinematic landmarks, few cities can beat New York, NY. The Big Apple’s many facets are well represented in every type of story, for every type of person — including, of course, geeky types like us. While all the other tourists are running to Katz’s Deli to pay way too much for the sandwiches Sally made famous in When Harry Met Sally, BuzzFeed’s guide to nerd-friendly New York City spots will direct you to Avengers HQ and the future home of Planet Express. Check it out after the jump.

Read More »

Shane Carruth‘s time-travel film Primer is one of the smartest sci-fi movies of the past decade. It is also a particularly compelling one because it tells a time-travel story with a very unadorned indie aesthetic. The look of the film may be born out of budget and necessity, but it makes Primer stand out, and makes the very detailed explanation of the film’s mechanics feel more grounded, and consequently more effective. The film is Carruth’s only movie, and we’ve been eagerly awaiting a follow-up. (So much so that word of his participation on Rian Johnson’s new film Looper was enough to cause ripples of excitement.)

Primer is meaty enough to withstand a great deal of conversation and scrutiny. As we wait for another film from the director, there is still plenty of territory to explore in his first. If you’ve already memorized the DVD commentary track, check out the infographic below, which seeks to sort out all of the film’s many timelines. It could make the events of the movie more clear, but perhaps not at first glance. Read More »

When George Lucas put the words “Episode IV: A New Hope” in front of the original Star Wars for the film’s 1981 theatrical re-release, no one could have imagined where it would lead: Greedo shooting first (above), midichlorians, Jar Jar, “Nooooo” and Jedi Rocks. But did you know that the addition of the subtitle, around the release of The Empire Strikes Back, wasn’t the first change made to Star Wars? That’s according to a well-researched infographic put together by The Geek Twins that tracks all the changes George Lucas has made to his film from 1977 through today, the official release of the entire trilogy on High Definition Blu-ray. Check it out after the jump. Read More »

Infographic: 45 Years of ‘Star Trek’

Today is the 45th anniversary of Star Trek, as creator Gene Roddenberry launched the original television show on September 8, 1966. To celebrate, here’s a good little infographic that quickly runs down the history of the show and a handful of facts associated with many people and ideas associated with it over time. Read More »

Duncan JonesSource Code hit Blu-ray and DVD a few short weeks back and while most film nerds have exhausted any talk of the film’s ending, more and more people are now discovering the movie. Seems like the perfect time for the director to take to Twitter and post a drawing he did during production that attempts to visually explain the film’s structure, ending and subtle changes. Obviously, there are major Source Code spoilers after the jump. Read More »

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