When George Lucas put the words “Episode IV: A New Hope” in front of the original Star Wars for the film’s 1981 theatrical re-release, no one could have imagined where it would lead: Greedo shooting first (above), midichlorians, Jar Jar, “Nooooo” and Jedi Rocks. But did you know that the addition of the subtitle, around the release of The Empire Strikes Back, wasn’t the first change made to Star Wars? That’s according to a well-researched infographic put together by The Geek Twins that tracks all the changes George Lucas has made to his film from 1977 through today, the official release of the entire trilogy on High Definition Blu-ray. Check it out after the jump. Read More »


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Infographic: 45 Years of ‘Star Trek’

Today is the 45th anniversary of Star Trek, as creator Gene Roddenberry launched the original television show on September 8, 1966. To celebrate, here’s a good little infographic that quickly runs down the history of the show and a handful of facts associated with many people and ideas associated with it over time. Read More »

Duncan JonesSource Code hit Blu-ray and DVD a few short weeks back and while most film nerds have exhausted any talk of the film’s ending, more and more people are now discovering the movie. Seems like the perfect time for the director to take to Twitter and post a drawing he did during production that attempts to visually explain the film’s structure, ending and subtle changes. Obviously, there are major Source Code spoilers after the jump. Read More »

Infographic: The Future According to Film

Movies have a spectacularly bad track record when it comes to predicting the future; if we believe in RoboCop, for example, we’ll have giant watchdog robots going crazy in executive boardrooms within three years. But that doesn’t make films that cast an eye to the future any less entertaining.

Michael Hobson, aka @tremulantdesign, has created a nice infographic that collates possible futures from dozens of films and graphs them on a handy timeline. Check it out below and map out your future.

Read More »

Very few TV shows that only air 11 episodes are as revered as Firefly. Joss Whedon‘s space-western starring Nathan Fillion, Summer Glau, Adam Baldwin and others was famously canceled by Fox but has lived on thanks to a rabid fanbase known as Browncoats, a reference from the show. Their passion for the series helped Whedon direct Serenity, a movie based on the series, and continues to drive interest in the franchise, spawning fan events, merchandise and more.

Yet even with that level of intense fandom, there are still things most of us – and some fans – might not know about Firefly and Serenity. After the jump, check out an infographic that lists a whole bunch. Eighteen to be exact. Read More »

As much as moviegoers, filmmakers and theater owners try and try, the fight against piracy seems to be a losing one. People can take all the precautions in the world but there’s always going to be one person who pirates a movie, uploads it online and then it spreads like wildfire. Now the pirates would let you believe this is their right and what they’re doing doesn’t hurt the bottom line. They believe they’re a small minority. The Motion Picture Association of America would disagree with that and have put out their own infographic to let everyone know just how much content theft hurts the entertainment industry. Check it out after the jump. Read More »

Infographic: Netflix by the Numbers

Netflix began sending DVDs out to subscribers in 1999, and in the decade-plus since has become one of the single most powerful media forces in the US marketplace.

The company’s two-pronged subscription model, DVD-by-mail and the always-on and ever-expanding online streaming service, has probably done more than any other single effort to decimate DVD sales. Netflix numbers are truly impressive, and after the break you’ll find an infographic that charts many of the company’s specific details. Read More »

If you really think about it, Jason Voorhees was incredibly creative. An artist of death. Though everyone always thought the little deformed boy who drowned in the lake had some sort of mental deficiency, if you look at his impressive body (or should I say “bodies”) of work, he truly had some evil genius in him. Anyone with anger issues can stab a person with a knife but only someone who is truly twisted can punch off a head or impale someone through the eye. And Jason came up with new and gross ways to kill time and time again.

Don’t believe that Jason was a genius? There’s a visual piece of evidence to back it up. It’s a comprehensive infographic by The National Post showing all of the people Jason Voorhees murdered from Friday the 13th Part 2 though Jason X as well as how he did it. Check out cornucopia of carnage after the break. Read More »

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