Infographic: Which Studios Own the Marvel Characters?


When we talk about Marvel movies, we’re usually talking about Marvel Studios movies — the ones that tie into The Avengers and are distributed by Disney. But the Marvel Comics stable of characters is actually spread all over Hollywood. Marvel sold off the film rights to various studios in the ’80s, and it wasn’t until the mid-’00s that they began collecting them back to launch the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

As of now, Marvel has regained most, but not all of its properties, and it can be confusing to remember which studio still has which heroes. So The Geek Twins have created a handy infographic laying out exactly which characters live where. Now you’ll know exactly where to direct your angry letter the next time you get to wondering why Namor the Sub-Mariner hasn’t gotten his own feature yet. Hit the jump to check it out.


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Heath Ledger Joker

It will shock absolutely no one to hear that critical consensus and audience reaction often fail to match up. The divide between those opinions is why, every couple of months or so, we get another wave of thinkpieces wondering whether reviewers are out of touch and asking whether they even matter anymore.

But how much do the two groups differ in their reactions, really? After all, critics are moviegoers too — they’re just ones who happen to have more experience analyzing and discussing cinema. A fun new infographic examines that question by looking at some of the best known, best loved film trilogies of all time, and comparing each installment’s Metacritic score to its IMDb user score. Check it out after the jump.

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We’re nearing on the end of 2013 and the 2015 calendar is already quickly becoming crammed with sequels, reboots, adaptations and adaptations. Earlier in the year, I put together a quick visual calendar showing how the year 2015 is beginning to look from afar. Today I have updated that graphic to include a bunch of additions and pushed release dates. Check it out after the jump.

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A quick Google search will tell you that last year’s Oscar nominees for Best Picture were long. And while this year’s nominations won’t happen for a few more months, the films likely to fill those spots this year are shorter. A lot shorter. It’s not ground breaking information or anything, but Vulture has taken the running times of recent Best Picture nominees and made some fun graphics showing how they compare. Check them out below. Read More »

Infographic: Top Grossing 2013 Summer Movies


We’re smack dab in the middle of the Fall movie season and all the big awards contenders are either now playing or opening soon. When the quality of films goes up, and the temperature goes down, the summer movie season starts to feel like a distant memory. These days, you can see films like Iron Man 3, Monsters University and Man of Steel on Blu-ray. My how times have changed.

There were some huge, huge hits over this summer though, as well as some major surprises and huge bombs. A new infographic by the Dish Network, oddly enough, breaks them all down in a colorful, interesting, cool way. Check it out below. Read More »

Enders Game poster header

3D printing could revolutionize the commercial world. Almost anything you can imagine can be reproduced in a 3D printer and Hollywood has begun to notice. For example, on the set of Ender’s Game, many of the film’s props were created in a 3D printer, likely saving money in terms of industrial and labor-intensive individual production.

It’s fitting, then, that Ender’s Game is now the first movie to offer prop replicas created by a 3D printer. (Replicas are usually sold by companies like Sideshow Collectibles and NECA.) The company behind the offering is called Sandboxr. Fans can log onto their website, choose and customize a bunch of different ships from the film, and have them printed for a relatively affordable price.

Below, get all the links and check out an infographic that’ll prepare you for the film, which opens this Friday, November 1. Read More »

Cool Posts From Around the Web:


DeviantArt user Dirk Loechel created this amazing and massive infographic showing a size comparison of probably every single sci-fi starship ever, from Star Wars to Halo and everything in-between. Check out the whole image after the jump, and let me know if you can find any starships that weren’t included.
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The Terminator

Who doesn’t love a good time travel movie? Not only are they fun to watch, they’re fun to discuss and dissect after the fact, evidenced by persistent online conversation about films like Primer, Looper, Back to the Future, and The Terminator. A new flow chart has been created that attempts to break down those films, and dozens others, into a very specific group of rules. It’s a fun chart to mess around with, and the way it categorizes different films (and TV shows) in similar ways is almost as debatable as time travel movies themselves. Check it out. Read More » has put together a neat infographic showing the top-grossing Christmas movies since 1980. The list is presented in order of top-grossing, but also includes the critic rating from Rotten Tomatoes as well as the Flixter audience rating for each film.
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