Mondo Info•Rama show

Back in 2014, artists Kevin Tong and Tom Whalen created Info•Rama, a place where artwork and infographics came together in a spectacular and informative way. Info•Rama has focused on the realms of science, technology, animals and geography, but now they’re bringing pop culture into the mix for a new Mondo gallery show.

Appropriately titled Info•Rama, the new gallery show also brings in artist Matt Taylor for illustrated infographics related to your favorite characters from film, television and comics such as Back to the Future, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, The Avengers, Star Wars and much more. Check out a few of the pieces from the Mondo Info•Rama show after the jump. Read More »

Famouse Voice Actors

The field of voice acting is a wholly unique one. In some ways, voice acting can be more difficult than acting on-camera, mostly because so much emotion has to come purely from the voice, without the assistance of facial expressions or body language. Many times it’s the voice that informs how a character is depicted, and that’s why it’s so surprising to learn that the same actors are behind the voices of many different cartoon and video game characters we know and love.

A new infographic lays out just some of the voice actors who are responsible for bringing various characters to life in video games like Uncharted and The Last of Us as well as animated series like The Simpsons, Futurama and Scooby-Doo. Check out the famous voice actors infographic after the jump. Read More »

Star Wars A New Hope Infographic

If you’re a hardcore Star Wars fan, there’s probably no way of knowing how many times you’ve seen the original film from 1977. However, we can guarantee that you’ve never seen the movie like this.

An illustrator and graphic novelist from Geneva, Switzerland took the time to adapt Star Wars: A New Hope into a single infographic that measures 123 meters long. It’s really impressive how he took the entire movie and created a scrolling presentation of the story. It includes dialogue, ships, settings and all the important details. Check out the Star Wars A New Hope infographic after the jump. Read More »

How Many LEGO Bricks

If you keep up regularly with /Film, then you know we’re pretty big LEGO fans, especially when it comes to sets that are inspired by our favorite movies and TV shows. Whether it’s official sets like the forthcoming Echo Base playset from The Empire Strikes Back or custom sets like this transforming Optimus Prime set. But have you ever wondered how many bricks it would take to make lifesize LEGO versions of some of the most iconic sci-fi weapons and vehicles?

Well, even if you haven’t wondered how many LEGO bricks it would take to make a full size Millennium Falcon or Ecto-1, someone took the time to figure it out, and they laid out their results in a cool infographic. Read More »

Spotlight Accuracy

When you head to the movie theater, and a title card tells you that it’s “based on a true story” before the movie starts, you’re right to be skeptical about how much you’re seeing actually happened. Plenty of movies aim to tell the story of something that really happened, but embellish certain moments, combine multiple people into a single character, or just create scenarios that never took place.

Well, if you’re one of those people who want to know just how much of a movie is true, then we have just the website for you. Information Is Beautiful is taking certain movies and breaking them down scene by scene in an easy-to-navigate timeline to tell you just how accurate a movie is when compared to the true story. You can even check the facts on last night’s Best Picture winner with a Spotlight accuracy timeline. Check it out. Read More »

British TV Map

If you’re a fan of British television, and you’ve wondered exactly where some of your favorite shows such as The Office, Peaky Blinders, Sherlock, Skins, Spaced, Absolutely Fabulous and more take place, then we have just what you’re looking for.

Graphic designer Tim Ritz has put together The Great British Television Map, stretching from Scotland down the London, England, showing dozens of TV shows exactly where they take place on the map. In addition, when possible, he also included details on where the show was actually shot. Check out the British TV map below. Read More »

Sci-Fi Weapons

Some of the most passionate fans come from the world of science fiction. If you talk to any sci-fi fan, you can almost guarantee they’ve gotten into some kind of heated debate about whether the Millennium Falcon is better than the U.S.S. Enterprise or whether Doctor Who could take down Doctor Strange. But how about which sci-fi weapon is the best?

Well, a new infographic may be able to help with that argument as it has laid out a chart showing the most powerful weapons in the sci-fi universe. So if you’ve ever wondered if a lightsaber from Star Wars is more powerful than the noisy cricket from Men in Black, now we have the answer. And you might be surprised to see that the Death Star isn’t #1. Check out the infographic below! Read More »

Mad Max Fury Road vehicles

If for some reason you haven’t already headed out to the store to buy Mad Max: Fury Road on Blu-Ray or DVD, it’s available for purchase right now to watch over and over again. There’s plenty to learn about the production in the special features, but you won’t get to find out as much about the crazy cars of this cross-desert chase as you will in this infographic that just surfaced.

Warner Bros. Pictures has put together a fact sheet showing off some of the insane Mad Max Fury Road vehicles that get caught up in the non-stop action. From the Doof Wagon to the War Rig to the Gigahorse, there’s some cool bits of information here for the gearheads and cinephiles out there. Read More »

New Star Wars Canon Timeline Infographic

Star Wars Legends

After Disney purchased Lucasfilm, it was announced that the Star Wars Expanded Universe would not be considered canon going forward (instead being classified with the “LEGENDS” branding). This angered a lot of Star Wars fans, but the announcement also brought something cool to the table: all the Star Wars stories in the future would be developed under the guidance of the Star Wars story group and would be consider canon. That means that everything, from comic books to novels, animated television shows to video games, everything would be considered a real part of this new Star Wars history.

And over the last year, a lot of new Star Wars stories have been released. What does the current Star Wars canon timeline look like at this point? What is the order in which these stories taker place? Hit the jump to see an infographic.

Read More »

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How Star Wars Changed Film

There’s no doubt that one of the most influential films ever made is Star Wars, not just in the genre of sci-fi, but in filmmaking in general. From special effects to storytelling to hero/villain archetypes and more, the entire original Star Wars trilogy made waves in the entertainment industry that are still felt to this day.

Now a new infographic takes a somewhat closer look at the many ways Star Wars has influenced film and television, from popularizing the film trilogy format to featuring humanoid robots with unique personalities and everything in between. Some of them are questionable and vague, but it’s a nice little infographic nonetheless. See how Star Wars changed film and television below! Read More »