Geek Deal: Sci-Fi Armory T-Shirt

ThinkGeek is selling an awesome t-shirt featuring various weapons from 10 famous science fiction films of the last 74 years. Can you name all the movies?

Museum Acquires Rare Arms Collection: To your right you’ll see our display of 20th and early 21st century science-fiction armaments. You can compare the variety of size and lethality over the years. Everyone “oohs” over the pulse rifle. Don’t get too close, though. The gun cabinet glass is coated with self-arming nanites. We don’t want to have to mop up another tourgroup.And ahead on your left, you’ll see models of some early time travel vehicles, including H.G. Wells’s time machine…. This shirt contains images of 10 famous science fiction arms and the year of their screen debut on a black 100% cotton shirt.

But apparently ThinkGeek messed up and the art has the wrong date for Logan’s Run (it says 1967, it should be 1976) so they are selling the shirt at 50% off. Grab one for only $7.99 to $9.99 plus shipping depending on size. So if you don’t mind the small error on an otherwise really cool tee, grab one now. Hit the jump to see a bigger image of the artwork.
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Cool Stuff: Dirty Harry Potter T-Shirt

T-Shirt Laundry has an awesome Harry Potter/Dirty Harry mash-up parody t-shirt for sale. Here is the official description.

Police Inspector “Dirty” Harry Potter is a hot-headed rookie fresh out of the Hogwarts Police Academy. His first assignment is a sadistic serial killer known only as “Voldemort”. Dirty Harry will stop at nothing to solve this crime even if it means roughing up a few muggles along the way.

The t-shirt is available in a variety of colors, on sale for only $11 plus shipping (normal price $16). And I’ve discovered that they are offering 20% off with the coupon code “THANKS”, enter at checkout. Thanks to /Film reader Dan M for the tip.

If you thought those special $150 TRON: Legacy 3D glasses by Oakley were ridiculous, you ain’t seen nothing yet. Later this week, Oakley is set to release two additional pairs of designer 3D glasses for $120 a pop. Then, in December, Marchon will release a pair of Calvin Klein 3-D glasses for $180 a pair. Each obviously looks way cooler, will be much more comfortable, and should actually improve the 3D viewing experience – plus, it’s probably better for the environment not to have to recycle 200 pairs of glasses after every single movie – but would you really spend $200 for your own pair of 3D glasses? Read some more about it after the jump. Read More »

Today’s t-shirt on Teefury is a Doom/Evil Dead parody design titled “Boom” Designed by Jimiyo, the t-shirt is available for only $9 plus shipping. The bad news is that it’s available for purchase today, and today only (Monday, November 8th 2010). Bruce Campbell and Sam Raimi fans should act fast or it will be gone forever. Hit the jump to see the full design.

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Cool Stuff: R2-D2 Bathing Suit

Ladies and gentleman, welcome to the first annual /Film Swimsuit Edition. The lovely model before you is an astromech droid who got its big break when it helped save a J-type 327 Nubian royal starship escape the planet of Naboo. It then went on work the runways of Tatooine, Geonosis, Coruscant, Dagobah, Bespin and Endor with short stints as a door opener, message projector, cocktail waitress and lightsaber handler. Ladies and gentleman, now taking runway, R2-D2! Hit the jump for more information on this tasty dish. Read More »

Imagine you are a TRON fan, desperately killing time until the December 17 release of TRON: Legacy. You’ve downloaded all the posters, listened to all the soundtrack samples, watched the clips, pre-ordered the comic books, bought your IMAX 3D tickets but still, you need more. Well, Disney is more than happy to oblige. They are opening the TRON: Legacy Pop Up Shop on November 19 in Culver City, CA for six weeks. Yes, a TRON store is opening. It’ll have all kind of unique TRON merchandise, a TRON cafe, art exhibit and much more. No original Blu-ray though. It’s open though December 23. Hit the jump for a ton of additional information including a release schedule, gallery of merchandise samples, the address and more. Read More »

Cool Stuff: Lost “Island Reunion” T-Shirt

TeeFury’s t-shirt design of the day today is a Lost parody design titled Island Reunion. I can’t gaurentee this will be the last Lost t-shirt we ever post, but we havent seen any good ones since the series finale. Created by Spiritgreen, the tee is available for $9 plus shipping. Here is a word from the artist:

As a massive fan of Lost’s characters over the six seasons, I wanted to make something that put a long con, practical joke spin on the mysterious events. All Jacob and the Man in Black needed was a smoke machine, a rubber John Locke mask and a lot of patience. This design started out as a possible or alternate ending, but now I see it more as a revelation at the reunion party. Sun, Jin, Sayid and Jack are all miraculously alive, naturally. Ben is just off camera, fetching the theatrical knife that he pretended to stab Jacob with. See, it all makes perfect sense now.

You can buy it today (Tuesday, November 2nd 2010) and today only – so act fast.

You might recall that we featured Scott Derby‘s Ghostbusters-inspired Trap ‘Em All, Let Egon Sort ‘Em Out artwork as part of the awesome 3G Art Show. Teefury picked Scott’s design for today’s tee of the day. Available in a cream colored guys shirt or powder blue colored girls shirt for only $9 plus shipping. As with all of teefury’s shirts, the design will only be available today (Monday, November 1st) and today only. So act now! Check out the full design after the jump.

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