The NinesWhen Clerks 2 was getting ready for release, Kevin Smith had a great idea to release an audio commentary track for the film a couple weeks after the film had hit theaters. The idea was to encourage people to go back and pay for the movie again, and to listen to the film commentary on their iPod. I don’t remember exactly what happened, but if I remember correctly, the theater owners complained about people may be laughing at parts during the movie that shouldn’t have laughs and that would be distracting to others in the theater. It was a great idea though, although I can see that complaint, especially considering how funny some of Smith’s commentary tracks can get.

John August has taken that idea and run with it. Not only has he announced he’s releasing the commentary track for The Nines on MP3, but he’s already posted it. I guess it’s easier to get something like this through on a smaller limited release. Also, I’m sure August’s track is probably more informative than funny, and would not result in such distractions mentioned above. And The Nines is the perfect film for this experiment because it offers a complex mystery which people may want to explore a second time with a guide.

“In the age of iPods, there’s really no reason why audio commentary has to be relegated to DVD. That’s why Ryan Reynolds and I recorded one last week for The Nines which is now yours to download.”

You can download the commentary track now at


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Nine Minutes of John August’s The Nines

The NinesEver since I first saw John August’s directorial debut The Nines earlier this year at the Sundance Film Festival, I’ve wondered how they would market this film. I absolutely loved it, yet can’t even explain the plot. It’s a LOST-style mystery infused in a Go-style dialogue and reality. Three stories with the same actors. I am always hesitant to reveal too much, because going in clueless is part of the fun. At the same time I’m hesitant to recommend the film to anyone because I could also understand how such a film could irritate certain types of people.

The people at Newmarket Films have decided to release the first 9 minutes of the movie online. I wish they cut out the intro and allowed the clip to extend to the mystery which is revealed shortly after (at least by my memory). I think if you left the moviegoing public with the question “What is the Nines?” then most would be forced to buy a ticket and find out. But the first nine minutes will give you a good indication of the playful nature of the film, the actors involved, and the pop-culture infused dialogue which has become August’s trademark. Again, I loved this film, and may-be you will too. It hits theaters in LA and New York on August 31st, and will hopefully expand based on audience response. Check out the clip after the jump.
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The Nines movie

There were 5 movies we really loved at this year’s Sundance. One of them was screenwriter John August’s directorial debut The Nines. GreeneStreet quickly scooped up the international rights, but we worried that the film might not get distribution in the U.S. because of its unique unconventional narrative. Well good news, Newmarket and Sony have partnered for US distribution (Newmarket will do theatrical, Sony will do home video).

“If you’ve got a challenging indie with geek appeal, they’re your distributor of choice,” August wrote in a recent blog post. The Nines is a movie which some people love fanatically, yet leaves other people scratching their heads. Newmarket has a great track record with this kind of film, and won’t try to market it as something it’s not. They’re small, and can give it the kind of steady nurturing it needs.”

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