“Dude, Indiana Jones killed Batman.”

Fandango, the online movie ticket provider, recently polled several thousand movie fans about their most anticipated summer movie and the site reports that May’s Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull was not only numero uno (82%) but nearly doubled fan anticipation for July’s The Dark Knight (42%). Snatching the bronze, was May’s Iron Man, the box office performance of which has been discussed a great deal here at Slashfilm. Notably absent from the top 10? Wall-E, Don’t Mess With the Zohan, Pineapple Express, Kung Fu Panda, The Happening, The Love Guru (my least anticipated, perhaps ever) and Hellboy 2…oh, and Space Chimps (umm, big hit, that one?). The fact that X Files 2 came in ahead of these flicks, in eighth place, was surprising.

Perhaps even more surprising is that Harrison Ford took first in “All-time Favorite Action Movie Star” way ahead (75%) of runner-ups Bruce Willis and Will Smith (whose Hancock didn’t crack the top 10 either), and the actor further continued his sweep, with Indiana Jones squatting in a $10 lounge chair over the competition as “All-time Favorite Action Movie Character.”

We’ve got the full rundown after the jump. It was cool to see that Heath Ledger‘s Joker won out a category. And no, Shia LaBeouf’s hair didn’t make any lists.

Discuss: Do these rankings match up with your own? Is it possible for Space Chimps to be the biggest film of the summer?

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Superman’s Future

Action Comics #1

You’ve probably heard by now that a federal judge decided last week that Time Warner is no longer the sole proprietor of Superman. The court has ruled that the heirs of Jerome Siegel (of Siegel and Shuster) are entitled to a share of the US copyright to the character. The quick backstory goes like this: Siegel and Shuster sold the rights to Superman 70 years ago to Detective Comics for only $130. DC Comics has since given the creators each a $20,000-per-year annuity (later increased to $30,000). But then in 1997, Mrs. Siegel and her daughter served copyright termination notices which permits heirs to be able to recover rights to creations in certain situations (part of the 1976 Mickey Mouse copyright act). Compensation would be limited to any work created using the Superman character after their 1999 termination date.

And this gets a little more interesting because the Siegels don’t own copyright to the entire Superman universe, or to even the character of Superman, at least as you know him today. They only control the elements of the character/universe that were portrayed in Action Comics #1. Superman was really an early concept at that time and most of his powers, friends, enemies premiered in later editions. But Action Comics #1 contained mainly the following: the Superman name, the trademarked costume, Superman’s alter-ego Clark Kent and the character of Lois Lane are.

All is not over just yet. Warner Bros will appeal the court’s decision. But I honestly don’t see anyway the decision will be overturned.

So what does this mean for the movies? Well first off, Warner Bros probably owes the Siegel heirs a good chunk of change for Superman Returns. But the bigger news is that this might put both the Bryan Singer-helmed Superman sequel The Man of Steel and the already troubled Justice League of America in jeopardy. With the relatives of Siegel now officially part-owners of the character, who knows what the future may look like. It’s also possible that in 2013 the entire Superman copyright will be yanked out of Warner Bros’ hands completely, as Joe Shuster’s estate takes the other half.

source: NYTimes


If true, thank booze. Cinema Blend says they received an email from a reader who spotted future Flash Adam Brody at a bar in British Columbia. What a tip, eh? There’s more though. Brody, who was allegedly boozing it up with director George Miller, went on to rundown the cast for the newly/oddly titled Justice League Mortal. All of the names for the superhero team were the same names being reported in the press, with one exception: the reader says Brody told her that Jumper‘s Hayden Christensen is now Superman. And then Brody apparently signed her napkin.

Bogus? Perhaps. Now, the role is rumored to be filled by relative unknown D.J. Corona, and prior to that, Scott Porter (Music and Lyrics) was also tipped. Maybe the Blend should request a photo of the napkin (“Dude, that’s Brody’s lightning bolt!”). As the site points out, is the JLM cast currently bar hopping up there for the helluva it? But Christensen would also make sense for the troubled Warner Bros. production, which is apparently scouting locations in Canada after being leaving Australia over a tax rebate disagreement. A more recognizable name would draw attention away from the damp buzz. More on this as it develops. And yeah, I agree, Christensen is not an ideal Supes.

Discuss: Have you ever run into Adam Brody at a bar? Hayden Christensen did a good nerd journo in Shattered Glass, but he also put many to sleep (permanently?) in those prequels. Thoughts? Is Justice League Mortal a silly title? Should they just go ahead and add Kombat? Have any of our Canadian readers seen Brody recently?


“Sayonara, Bonfire of the Vanities!”


Frank Darabont‘s adaptation of the classic novel Fahrenheit 451 ranks right up there with Tarantino’s Inglorious Bastards, Fincher’s Rendezvous with Rama and Aronofsky’s take on Lone Wolf & Cub as an epic dream project that’s been discussed for ages. For nearly a year, Tom Hanks had been pegged for the 2009 film’s lead role of Guy Montag, a content fireman of the future who slowly realizes that his government occupation of burning books and oppressing book owners is nothing less than horrific.

Unfortch(-unately, by reader request) Hanks is no longer attached to what would have been his second collabo(-ration, by reader request) with the director after 1999′s so-so The Green Mile, according to Darabont…

“Mr. Hanks sadly and regretfully had to back out,” Darabont told MTV. “I was really looking forward to working with him again but his other commitments just precluded it. He had to take a step back.”

Darabont remains confident in his long percolating vision, and it sounds like the film won’t be sidetracked by the snag. But what actor is up to the challenge of portraying sci-fi author legend Ray Bradbury‘s disillusioned everyman in one of the great, prolific Man vs. The Man tales of all time?

“It needs to be somebody like [Hanks] who has the ability to trigger a greenlight but is also the right guy for the part. It’s a narrow target. It’s a short list of people,” Darabont sighed.

As a fan of the book who was never big on Francois Truffaut’s 1966 version, which always seemed more occupied with getting film students’ rocks off than being a worthy harbinger of doom, this quote from Darabont is particularly cool…

“I see this movie so clearly in my head. It’s flowing in my veins,” he said. And just because you think of books first when you think “Fahrenheit 451,” don’t expect something akin to Jane Austen, Darabont promised. He explained, “One character in the script says, ‘It’s not really even about books. It’s about control.’ It’s about the control of government and authority. It’s one of the greatest books ever written. It’s got all that great political stuff underneath the skin of it but really what it is is a great galloping tale.”

I haven’t yet seen The Mist, but Darabont seems to be getting a little angrier and darker with age and that’s always a good thing in my book. The exception being Craig Ferguson, who agreeably treats life like a beach as his hair goes grayer.

Discuss: Who should play Montag now that Hanks has lost his bookmark? Should Darabont go younger?

The Hills: The Movie?


So, like, The Hills might become a movie.

Discuss: Don’t discuss this. Slashfilm is not “Coffee Talk.”  


Compared to most authors, onetime New York it-boy Bret Easton Ellis‘s works have had a pretty good translation record at the cinema. American Psycho, The Rules of Attraction and Less Than Zero were all pretty faithful, quality adaptations that kept Ellis’s sensational penchant for drugs, kinky sex and sociopathic detachment intact. A tall order these days. Next in line is this fall’s The Informers. Not only did Ellis co-write the screenplay for his 1995 interlocked collection of twisted tales set in the ’80s, but the film easily has the coolest cast of any Ellis flick: Mickey Rourke, Kim Basinger, Winona Ryder, Billy Bob Thornton, Pineapple ExpressAmber Heard and Brad Renfro‘s last theatrical role.

Well, now it seems that the key element that made The Informers stand out from its darkly hedonistic pack, a good dose of the supernatural, including a vampire storyline starring Superman ReturnsBrandon Routh as the book’s main vampire, Jamie, has either been “exorcised” or dumped altogether. Odd. Actor John Graham, who has a rather large role as the son to Thornton’s Hollywood exec, expressed dissonance about the film’s seemingly last minute change to IGN

“There are no more vampires. They took the vampires out. There are no zombies or monsters either,” he announces. “This is more about the narcissistic side of people’s characters. God knows why they took the vampire characters out. I can’t say if I was pleased or displeased, that is just the way it is.”

Sounds as if Routh is no longer in the film, eh? If so, that’s a pretty big blow for him, as it would have given the All-American actor a dose of indie cred. There’s speculation that Ellis himself made the decision to ditch the fanged murderers from the film version due to criticism the book’s subplot received originally. Ho-hum. Fans will be bummed. Has to be more to it than that though, right? Perhaps director Gregor Jordan (Buffalo Soldiers, Ned Kelly) wasn’t digging the footage? If anyone has a contact or, cough, informant on this film, let us know.

Ellis is really starting to dive into Hollywood, with an adaptation of his batshit semi-autobiographical Lunar Park due in 2009, along with The Frog King, another writer-obsessed flick starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt that he wrote an original screenplay for. Also kicking around is Roger Avary’s third (yes, third) adaptation Glamorama, which would follow The Rules of Attraction and its obscure, never released, mysterious spin-off film Glitterati starring Kip Pardue.

Discuss: Any Informers fans pissed? We haven’t heard much from this flick as of yet, but how many of you anticipate it? Who’s seen Glitterati? What’s the best Ellis movie? 


Right around when Adam Sandler‘s hair goes from ‘fro to flaming in the latest trailer for his summer hairdresser bomb-edy You Don’t Mess with the Zohan, I started to cringe as if locked inside a salon/prison. When the sight of Sandler quietly handling guns makes you wax nostalgic for his flop Bulletproof for its entire duration, something is wrong. The parts here with the great Shelley Berman do the trick, but then I started remembering what funny is and funny is Mr. Berman on Curb Your Enthusiasm. Lastly, is there really room in this mixed-up world for Sacha Baron Cohen’s Brüno (2008) and Sandler’s Zohan?

Will jocks show up for two loud comedies with blow dryers as laff accessories? Will you? I feel like I have hairspray in my mouth after watching this, like when I hear C.C. Music Factory at the dentist’s office.

Click here to watch the new trailer, or just pour a glass of red wine on your carpet.

Adam Sandler’s You Don’t Mess with the Zohan brings the trendy fierce! to theaters on June 6th, 2008.


“Bad cat.”

Before we begin, no, not Afterburner the video game, it’s Afterburn, and it still sounds pretty cool. Tobey Maguire and Neil Moritz (I Am Legend, xXx) are producing a feature film adaptation of the sci-fi comic book Afterburn, which follows a group of treasure-hunters for hire in the future who “recover” exotic valuables from an Earth half-destroyed by a solar flare. For instance, in the first issue which hit in January from upstart Red 5 Comics, the team must claim the Mona Lisa from a Louve in shambles. The devastating solar flare has left a wily world roamed by mutants, rival pirates and assorted derelicts that would make a pass on your sister. A director is not attached, but hopefully the tone is more I Am Legend than National Treasure, because the premise is grand.


Red 5 Comics is getting a round of applause today from film sites because the founders, who also wrote Afterburn, are online pioneers of geekdom (which is now cooler than hipsterdom). Obviously, they just hit it big. Paul Ens is a co-founder of the precocious Star Wars site and went on to be the director of Lucasfilm’s official site Somewhere Steven Brill shudders like Little Nicky. His pal Scott Chitwood co-founded TheForce and contributes to the film news sites and Superhero

The latter Red 5 geek describes Afterburn as “Indiana Jones meets Mad Max, but instead of ancient artifacts in cob-webbed temples in traditional pulp adventure” the characters raid more contemporary treasures from felled museums et al. Congrats to them both from Slashfilm, now go buy some castles and dent some Ferraris. If you’re wondering, Maguire is currently plotting his Robotech film for the big screen. No word if he’ll be starring in Ens’s and Chitwood’s vision.

Discuss: Sounds like Afterburn will make a good sci-fi movie, no? Anyone got a similar geek success story they’d like to share?

Source Link: HR / ComingSoon

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