Hamlet 2 (2008); Andrew Fleming, director.

When people ask “why isn’t Steve Coogan a bigger star?” we can all point to Hamlet 2 and say “we tried!” This very funny story about a dopey, third-rate theater teacher letting his ego and bad taste run wild should have been the next Napoleon Dynamite. It didn’t connect with audiences and if anyone can explain why they should start running a movie studio immediately. There was a big push for it at Comic-Con, with a sneak screening and big ads on the sides of pedicabs and everything. Whoopsie.

At the end of the day, though, it is the material that counts, and Hamlet 2 is a million times better than Glee. (Okay, I’ve never seen Glee, but I still think this is accurate.)

Knights of Badassdom
(2011?), Joe Lynch, director.

Here’s one not enough people have seen because. . .no one has seen it!

KoB made a decent enough impression last year and then. . .vanished. I don’t see how a stoner LARPing comedy with Peter Freakin’ Dinklage has laid dormant for a whole year. Even if it is actually terrible, you’d think someone would distribute it and make a quick Seltzer and Friedberg-sized weekend out of it.

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