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Mouse & Mystics and other board game movies that Hollywood should make

Which board game movies should Hollywood make next? Over the last year or so I’ve gotten sucked into the table top scene, and now have a board game addiction. I’m not talking about Monopoly or The Game of Life, but designer hobby board games that offer more strategy and theme than the games we all played as children.

Hollywood has dipped its toes into the board game movies a few times now. First with Battleship. It was such a huge bomb that Universal later dropped Monopoly, which was being developed for years by Ridley Scott. Universal is releasing the horror/thriller adaptation of Ouija produced by Michael Bay and Jason Blum. Universal and Warner Bros are both fighting to make a movie based on the role-paying game Dungeons & Dragons. And most recently, 20th Century Fox has announced they are brining the popular role-playing card game Magic: The Gathering to the big screen with the help of Simon Kinberg.

There are many reasons Battleship failed but I think first and foremost the audience refused to take the movie seriously after hearing the title. The studio clearly greenlit the project hoping to turn massive brand recognition into tickets sold, but it didn’t take a genius to realize that the 1930 board game didn’t have enough story to warrant a movie adaptation. So much so that director Peter Berg made up his own “alien invasion at sea” construct.

So if Hollywood is going to develop board game movies, why not look at some board games that offer deeper storytelling, more interesting scenarios and compelling characters? The list I have put together after the jump includes a bunch of board games that you might not have heard of, but are popular in the tabletop gaming world. Each of them has something to offer Hollywood if they wanted to bet on concept and story vs. huge branding.

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Page 2 is a compilation of stories and news tidbits, which for whatever reason, didn’t make the front page of /Film. After the jump we’ve included 36 different items, fun images, videos, casting tidbits, articles of interest and more. It’s like a mystery grab bag of movie web related goodness.

Header Photo: Han Solo Cosplay Comes With A Millennium Falcon And Chewbacca

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Steven Spielberg’s DUEL poster by Casey Callender

Steven Spielberg’s DUEL poster by Casey Callender

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Dave Perillo's Dreamworks Animation print

Dave Perillo’s Dreamworks Animation print

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Brad Bird's Tomorrowland Teaser Trailer

This post has been updated with high resolution unwatermarked images.

Walt Disney Pictures has released the first Tomorrowland teaser trailer. Brad Bird‘s new film was just previewed during a presentation at New York Comic Con. Check back later as Angie will have coverage of the panel which included footage not available online. But you can now hit the jump to see the first Tomorrowland teaser trailer, a new Tomorrowland posters and the first lookphotos that were released earlier this week .

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Amazon’s Gold box deal of the day today has the Buffy the Vampire Slayer: The Complete Series DVD set on sale for only $58.99, 71% off the $200 retail suggested price and Angel: The Complete Series DVD set for only $49.99, 64% off the $140 retail price. The deal is only good until the end of the day, so act fast!



Page 2 is a compilation of stories and news tidbits, which for whatever reason, didn’t make the front page of /Film. After the jump we’ve included 36 different items, fun images, videos, casting tidbits, articles of interest and more. It’s like a mystery grab bag of movie web related goodness.

Header Photo: Jurassic Park t-shirts from Crazy Dog T-Shirts


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Star Trek Jewelry Line Features a Canonically Accurate Detachable Enterprise!

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Boba Fett Premium Format™ Figure by Sideshow Collectibles

Boba Fett Premium Format™ Figure by Sideshow Collectibles

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netflix 4k

I’m not suite sure I understand the point of 4K televisions unless you’re buying a huge tv. I’ve read studies that claim that if you’re sitting on a couch at proper distance you would not be able to perceive the difference between a 60 inch 2K television and a 60 inch 4k television. Of course, if you visit a retailer and check out a 4K television, you’re standing much closer and can notice the difference — but who views their television at that distance? Also, a lot of content (movies and television) is only mastered (fx and such) in 2K, and there really isn’t a great 4K distribution system in place yet (maybe thats a piece of what Apple is planning with their television?). /rant, moving on…

Netflix is one of the few ways you can get “ultra HD” content for your 4K television, and now the streaming service is raising the price for anyone who wants this option. Find out more about the netflix 4k plan change, after the jump.

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Joe Dirt 2

The digital streaming revolution of Amazon and Netflix was expected to combat Hollywood’s sequel/reboot/adaptation overload with new original and interesting tv shows and films. And while that has happened for the most part, we must remember that when a big Hollywood studio is behind it we’ll eventually get more of the same. So it should be no surprise that the Sony-owned digital streaming service Crackle is getting into the game announcing a movie sequel — but was it a sequel anyone was even asking for?

Crackle has announced that they have signed David Spade to reprise his role as Joe Dirt in the yet-to-be-subtitled sequel Joe Dirt 2. The announcement comes a week after Happy Madison (also involved in Dirt 2) announced a deal with Netflix which would see four Adam Sandler original films on the streaming service.

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Star Trek Into Darkness - Spock and Kirk (header size)

In today’s edition of Sequel Bits:

  • Stephen ‘tWitch’ Boss has joined the cast of Magic Mike XXL.
  • Bruce Greenwood talks possible Star Trek 3 return.
  • Brad Bird talks about how The Incredibles 2 is progressing.
  • John Cho says Bob Orci is “going to blow people away” with Star Trek 3

All this and more, after the jump.

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