Back in 2007, Bourne Ultimatum, Hot Fuzz and Dead Man’s Shoes actor Paddy Considine unveiled his directorial debut, the short film Dog Altogether (you can see a promo shot at the head of this post). Over the next eighteen months or so, the film went on to win a number of awards, including the BAFTA for best short, and Considine was pretty soon talking about making his first feature film.

Giving an interview to Empire, in early 2008 Considine said Tyrannosaur was going to be…

…about a woman leaving an abusive relationship. But it’s not your run-of-the-mill, kitchen-sink drama, there are bits and pieces in there that hopefully make it a little bit different. Hopefully, we start shooting it at the end of the year.

The end of the year came and went – and the whole of another year, for that matter – and only now does Tyrannosaur seem to be gearing up for production. Good things come to those who wait, I suppose. And those who wait, in this case, include Dog Altogether stars Peter Mullan, Olivia Colman, and new-addition Eddie Marsan.

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After the break you’ll find my interviews with Matthew Vaughn, director and co-writer of Kick-Ass, and Jane Goldman, his collaborator in adapting Mark Millar’s original comic books into a movie screenplay. The interviews are spoiler free, though we do talk around a few key plot points.

As well as talking Kick-Ass, Matthew confirms that he’s planning another movie with Mark Millar and Jane tells us just a little about other upcoming films that she has scripted. Mainly, though, we have a good chat about this current movie, which is getting its general release on March 31 across the UK and April 16 across the US.

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Thanks to those ever-dependable news-n-rumour goldmines, the premiere red carpet and good ol’ Twitter, we’ve got a tidy little pile of Thor and The Avengers business to get through. Let’s get on with it.

Nugget one. Thor’s rumoured cameo in Iron Man 2 may have been confirmed. We already  showed a screen capture from an online featurette that appears to show Chris Hemsworth as the mighty hammer man, holed up in a humble Earth prison. Today, Comic Book Movie are sharing some tweets from ” Branding Consultant and Creative Director” Gregory Littley in support of the rumour. Here’s the important one:

Press shots should hit the ‘net RIGHT around the timing/release of IRONMAN2. PS. It is THOR in the IRONMAN@ trailer.

Some circumstances make me doubt this a little. For one thing, the supposed Thor appearance is not in the trailer but a featurette, and then, when asked if he meant said featurette, Littley worded his response in a ducking, diving noncommittal fashion.

Thankfully, while that nugget might end up being pure pyrite, there’s some better-sourced gold in the pan too.

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AMC have today officially announced their order of a six-episode first season of The Walking Dead, adapted from Robert Kirkman’s comic book series. Frank Darabont is writing and directing, at the very least for the pilot episode, and that’s recommendation enough for me.

The series is set to premiere during AMC’s annual marathon of horror and thriller programming, which they’re now calling Fearfest. Seems like a solid launching pad… in fact, I imagine the unveiling of such a hotly anticipated series as this in the season will actually give the marathon a boost.

The press release also announced that Jon Bernthal has been cast as Officer Shane, a key player and best-friend of the protagonist, Office Rick Grimes. Not yet official, but already reported, is that Jonny Lee Miller is the current front runner for the role of Rick.

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MGM cash flow issues or not, work must be continuing on the next James Bond film, formally or informally. For months now we’ve known that Peter Morgan has been working on the script, so at the very least there’s likely to be a partial draft and an outline in place. More than enough to start casting some major roles – at least, that’s how the studios too often seem to behave. Were the MGM woes not ongoing I bet we’d have a release date by now, even.

After some tabloid film-flam about supposed ‘Bond Girls’ last week, our first credible rumor for a big name on the cast has arrived. This story has it that Rachel Weisz might be taking on an arch-villain role as the behind-the-scenes, secret mistress of the nefarious Quantum organisation. This is not only interesting because it sees an actual actress in the running for such a role, but also because it subverts the normal gender hierarchy of a Bond plotline somewhat. Having M be played Judi Dench was a start, and this would be a doozy of a follow-up.

Indeed, if this turns out to not be true, I think I’ll be a little disappointed.

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The long, long wait for a sequel to The Dark Crystal has left me feeling doubtful about whether or not we’ll ever get to see the film at all. Consider me heartened, then, to report that Brian and Wendy Froud seem quite certain the film is on the way.

The Frouds are the designers of the sets, props and various puppet creatures that inhabit the world of The Dark Crystal, as well as the other Henson fantasy-world seen in Labyrinth. Interviewed this weekend at a signing of their new fortune-telling card set, The Heart of Faerie Oracle, they revealed that the next Dark Crystal movie is very much still on, that they have done “some designs” for it, have been “talking to the director” and have “been involved with the script”. All good, I believe. These guys are any future film’s strongest link to the first, and it can only help to have them intimately involved.

After the break: the full video of the interview, and details of upcoming Dark Crystal and Labyrinth comic books.

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Ip Man made my list of the best films of last year (it was a long list, I admit) and I’ve been keenly anticipating the second installment since the credits tolled on the first. The appeal is largely in seeing Donnie Yen, in the title role of Ip Man, Wing Chun master and Bruce Lee’s first ever martial arts trainer, getting into some very well choreographed scuffles. This appeal is effectively doubled by the trailer for part two as soon as he ends up scrapping with Sammo Hung at 0:55. The action at 1:26 to 1:43 is particularly enticing too.

You can see the trailer after the break.

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Here’s a brave new idea in movie marketing: take the first act or two of your movie out on the road and play it to people months before they can buy themselves a ticket to the full thing. This is Disney Pixar’s latest bold move in Toy Story 3 promotion, and I hope it pays dividends for them – though wasn’t early word saying that it was the last act of the movie that was the best? Take that into account, preview viewers.

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According to Kick-Ass creator Mark Millar himself, he has been offered the writing gig for X-Men 4, by which he seemingly means the projected next picture with the core group of adult mutants and not just a rewrite gig on New Class. He’s happy to announce this offer to the world right now, apparently, because he’s already said no. This decision, Millar says, was informed by a belief that Fox wouldn’t allow him sufficient freedom.

Predictably, there’s some skepticism about this story over at the Millarworld message boards. The thread is sub-titled “The toughest decision of my career so far”. On a brighter note, Millar does reiterate that he’s got another collaboration with Matthew Vaughn coming, based upon the so-far top-secret comic book that he’s “doing with Leinil Francis Yu in September”.

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There’s two big fingers out there pointing, and each is aimed at a flashing light that says “Sorry, more Hobbit delays”. The first indication comes from a report at The One Ring. They are carrying quotes from an “absolutely reliable” source inside the production who tells them that the ongoing MGM sale is having a direct effect on the Hobbit movies:

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