Peter: I noticed both of you have voice cameos.

Byron: Yeah, we do.

Peter: So who are you in the film and how did that happen?

Byron: Well, you know, when we put these movies together, we assemble rough–

Rich: It’s reluctant. It’s reluctant credits, you know.

Byron: Reluctant stars, frustrated actors it’s like… We put these movies together, we do many, many versions of them with rough storyboards and we do what’s called scratch dialogue, which means it’s just a bunch of us–

Rich: It’s temp dialogue, because if we had Jason and Ginnifer and the rest of the cast in to voice every iteration of the thing, they would get so burned out and just like what are we doing.

Byron: Yeah, right.

Rich: You know, why do we have to do this over and over again? So a lot of times it’ll just be like let me get behind the mic, you know, and just give a temp line for a part of just imitating Jason or whoever. It just so we can see if something’s working. And sometimes it’s like we’ll do these parts that they’ll stick.

Byron: They’ll stick. It’ll get a laugh.

Rich: It’ll get a laugh or it’ll start to feel like that’s exactly how it should be. And the time will come when it we’ll say okay, who are we gonna cast for this part? And we’ll present some options to John. And he’ll say well “no, why are we changing that? I love that.” It’s like “well that’s me doing that, John.” “Well that’s staying in. It’s really good.” Then you’ve got the part. And it’s like on the…

Byron: Yeah. And there have been times where we’ve actually tried to swap in legitimate actors and it actually screws stuff up because there’s some little magic happening that doesn’t, that it’s–

Rich: There’s just some sort of juju that if you start to monkey with the chemistry of it, it can just throw the whole thing off. So…

Peter: So who are you guys in this film?

Rich: I am the Doug.

Byron: You’re a naughty sheep.

Rich: Yeah, the sheep that’s (spoiler text, highlight to reveal) going around shooting people with the serum.(/end spoiler text)

Byron: You can, I wonder if it’s a spoiler. If it’s a spoiler, you can just call him a naughty sheep. You’re also one of the wolves too.

Rich: That’s right.

Byron: He’s also one of the howling wolves. And then I, myself and Jared Bush, our co-director and one of our writers, are the noisy neighbors, Bucky and Pronk. The noisy guys, shut up, you shut up. Those guys. It was a good part. So I was hoping that one would stick. ‘Cause I thought it was funny. I always laughed when I heard it, so I was, you know, you kind of hope sometimes those things stick. But it’s nice to once in a while, ’cause I was in Tangled, I got to be the Buckethead Thug.

Rich: Buckethead Thug?

Byron: He’s the guy with the bucket on his head who’s like “I could use the money.” That’s my line. But it’s just these stupid, little lines. And I’m also–

Rich: You’re wearing a bucket on your head.

Byron: I’m wearing a bucket on my head, so well, you know…

Rich: I can get that corrective surgery.

Byron: Yeah, it’s a, we have SAG cards too. We try to be legit, but anyway, what are you gonna…?

Peter: One last question…

Rich: About that Buckethead though. Where is he from? What’s his story?

Byron: Yeah, what accent was that?

Zootopia - Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde (2)

Peter: When I was talking to Ginnifer and Jason, they both, when you changed it from Nick to Judy as the lead character, they both were not specifically told that had happened and later just found out about the changes during a voice session. So I was wondering like how does that come about…

Byron: Oh well it was evolving so quickly at the time and I think it was something that we were trying and we weren’t sure it was gonna work. And then once it did work, they were such professionals, like they just went with it. It had always been sort of a what’s called like a two-hander. Like both characters had always sort of vied for who’s story is this? And so there was a fairly good balance of number of lines in the movie. But suddenly things like Wilde Times, which had been a big part of the movie were going away. And the collars were going away. And Jason was like well…

Rich: So is this the part with the collar?

Byron: Yeah, like oh yeah, we don’t have that. Yeah.

Rich: And it becomes insane. I think that we’re just moving so fast at some point that we’re trying to keep everyone updated on the fly. And it’s not a perfect system. And maybe we kind of try to explain it too fast one time and it’s like what are they talking about? And then they kind of catch up to what we’re trying to talk about. And it’s late. So yeah, I mean, God bless them, they or anyone that works on animated films, actors, because they really see us at our most manic. And it’s just, it gets so thrashy and it’s just like a big muh, brain dead Frankenstein kind of like we gotta do something. Thrashing about the room, but they are such good sports. And just always brought it every time.

Byron: And you said it very well early on, it’s like this movie is very much like Toy Story. It’s like you can’t have Woody without Buzz. You can’t have Buzz without Woody. And it’s like we just took who’s in the buddy, Woody role and put them in the Buzz role and vice versa. It just and it’s like the movie is the two of them. And it really that their dynamic stayed kind of the same is just we just changed how the audience got into the film.

Rich: Yeah, because it never became kind of like oh well you’re the supporting character. So…

Byron: Yeah, it was never that.

Rich: “We’re gonna cut your salary in half. You get a third of the lines now and no toy of your character.”

Peter: In the end, I think you have stronger arcs and stronger characters for it because you were treating both of them as the…

Rich: Absolutely. Because… Yeah.

Byron: The lead.

Rich: And I think that Nick was becoming something that was not using Jason for all his power.

Byron: It was getting too dark, too sad I think.

Rich: And Judy was, it wasn’t like what Ginnifer was good at. And once we kind of switched them, it’s like both of them were kind of in their element. It’s just like the dialogue for Jason became really juicy and he knew kind of just how to play it. And Judy became so kind of bright eyed and determined, yet, you know, kind of a little naïve that Ginnifer, it just fell right into both of their wheelhouses. And they were wonderful.

Peter: Well thank you, guys.

Byron: Thank you.

Rich: Thank you, great talking to you.

Peter: Thank you.

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