Woody Allen's next movie

Another period piece is coming our way from writer-director Woody Allen. We know little about his latest movie, titled Wonder Wheel, which is typical of Allen’s movies. Rarely are character and plot details shared early on. But we do know his latest film stars Justin Timberlake, Kate Winslet, and Juno Temple and it takes place in the 1950s.

Below, check out the first photo from Woody Allen’s next movie.

Wonder Wheel is the famous Ferris wheel found in Coney Island. Allen spent three weeks there shooting last summer, making it his first time shooting there since Annie Hall. The Wonder Wheel does appear in that film. Allen’s story follows characters working on and around the boardwalk.

Allen’s latest co-stars Jim Belushi (According to Jim), Max Casella (Blue Valentine), and Steve Schirripa (The Sopranos). According to The Coney Island blog, Winslet plays a character “targeted by” by Tony Sirico‘s (The Sopranos) character. She ends up falling for Timberlake’s lifeguard.

Here’s a photo from Wonder Wheel (via Woody Allen Pages):

Woody Allen photo

Allen spent a good amount of time shooting the boardwalk and the city last summer. He joked with Page Six a little about recreating the period and locations:

This movie’s set in the ’50s, and we’re re-creating the Parachute Jump. Even sunny beaches. It’s no longer my job to have to run around and find that anymore. Today we live in the future. While I’m home, some nerd wearing glasses in an office with a computer turns dials and creates sunny beaches. Justin Timberlake, Jim Belushi, Juno Temple are in this. We’re filming in The Bronx and all over the city.

Allen’s 47th film is expected to come out this year. Over the past couple of years, his movies are often released during the summertime. Amazon released his last picture, the disappointing Cafe Society, last July. The distributor has a good relationship with Allen, after releasing his last Hollywood-set comedy and making his seriesCrisis in Six Scenes. According to THR, they spent $25 million to finance Wonder Wheel. Allen’s movies had a home at Sony Pictures Classics the last few years, but he apparently has struck up a fruitful partnership with Amazon.

While Allen’s movies have been more hit or miss the past decade or so, when he makes a hit, it’s usually quite special. When he misses, at least there’s still a few laughs. Let’s hope Wonder Wheel is another hit from the filmmaker.

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