Wonder Woman Trailer Breakdown

This past weekend, Warner Bros. Pictures unleashed a barrage of footage upon Comic-Con with their presentation in Hall H. Thankfully for fans at home, every single piece of footage they showed at the convention ended up online, from the Justice League sizzle reel to The LEGO Batman Movie trailer. But honestly, the best thing to come out of the panel was the first trailer for Wonder Woman. You’ve probably watched it plenty of times by now, but we wanted to do a little breakdown of the footage we see in the tease for the first solo adventure of the DC Comics superhero.

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Wonder Woman

Welcome to paradise. A woman leans over a body in the shores of a gorgeous beach. Comic book fans undoubtedly know where we are, but we won’t get to see that this isn’t an ordinary island until a bit later.

Wonder Woman - Chris Pine

The man is Chris Pine as Steve Trevor, passed out on the beach. Trevor is a United States Air Force pilot, so presumably his plane was shot down over the ocean, leaving him to wash up on the shores of this beautiful place with this stunning woman, who is confusingly surprised to see a man (again, we all know why).

Wonder Woman - Gal Gadot

Here’s Gal Gadot as Diana, who we all know as Wonder Woman. In this (or any) light, she looks like a goddess, and as Chris Pine learns about her origins later in the trailer, there’s a good reason for that.

Wonder Woman

We arrive at Themyscria, home of the Amazons. This looks like it could easily be a throne room with the spiral structures in the back perhaps being some uncomfortable chairs for royalty. But more likely this could be some kind of senate where the Amazons meet to make important decisions regarding the future of their people. The most likely decision on the docket in this scene is whether they allow Diana to accompany Steve Trevor back to the mainland.

Wonder Woman - Connie Nielsen

It’s a fair assumption that the above scene is regarding approval for Diana to leave Themyscria for the mainland because there’s a moment where Queen Hippolyta (Connie Nielsen) shares a tender moment with her daughter, before she heads off to the war torn world.

Wonder Woman - Gal Gadot - Chris Pine

Diana and Steve Trevor arrive back in the world that the latter has lived and fought in. Voiceover from Queen Hippolyta cautions, “Be careful, Diana,” as we see shots of a populated train station full of people and soldiers, a sight not uncommon during World War I.

Wonder Woman - Gal Gadot

This shot sees Diana entering a rather upscale event, her blue dress making her standout against everyone else. This shot by itself is a fantastic one, and then it’s immediately contrasted by the introduction of…

Wonder Woman - Danny Huston

Danny Huston appears in an unknown role, though he’s clearly a high-ranking military official of some sort. Apparently being William Stryker in X-Men Origins: Wolverine wasn’t enough superhero torture for his liking. We hear Queen Hippolyta in voiceover again when Huston appears, saying, “They do not deserve you.”

Wonder Woman

Immediately following this line we get a gorgeous shot of Diana reaching back for the sword she has concealed in her dress. I’m not sure that’s the most inconspicuous place for her sword, but the handle does blend in with the dress, almost as some kind of ornate accessory. Is she about to kill Huston?

Wonder Woman

Then there’s this somewhat menacing shot. The actress we’re looking at is Elena Anaya. Judging by this photo alone, you would guess that she’s some kind of villain. But considering the time period, she may just be a woman wounded from war. During this time, facial injuries were covered with artificial face pieces, not unlike the one Jack Huston wore in the HBO series Boardwalk Empire. I’m fascinated to see how this character comes into play since she’s featured so prominently in the teaser trailer.

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