Will Ferrell Hosted Saturday Night Live

Even though Will Ferrell is one of the most popular Saturday Night Live cast members in recent memory, he’s only returned to host three times before. But this past weekend he came back to Studio 8H for his fourth time as host, and the Step Brothers and Anchorman star reminded us why he’s one of the best cast members to ever come out of Saturday Night Live.

Let’s run through the best and worst sketches from the Will Ferrell hosted Saturday Night Live below.

The Best

Next: for Men – With all the tension there is in Hollywood due to the ongoing allegations of sexual misconduct, the headline making movement is ripe for satire potential. While SNL has been hit or miss in their comedic approach to this topic, this deodorant commercial perfectly captures the tension that plenty of shady men are probably feeling during this time. You gotta love the various kinds of deodorant with titles like “College Party” and “Grey Area.”

Fighter Pilots – The fact that an SNL sketch exists with the premise of a fighter pilot having the call sign of “Clown Penis” is impressive by itself. What’s even more impressive is that this somehow isn’t a sequel to the Clown Penis Dot Fart commercial from years ago.

Chucky Lee Byrd – At first this seemed like it might be your average SNL infomercial parody, but it became so much more disturbing than that. The two hosts slowly realize that the songs by the great Chucky Lee Byrd are all about having inappropriate relationships with underage girls. That’s the basic premise, but the hits keep on coming as the sketch digs deeper and deeper into this music icon’s library. It’s one of those sketches that only Will Ferrell could make seem charming and gross at the same time.

Reality Stars – Between the make-up pulling back Will Ferrell and Cecily Strong’s eyes and the outrageous wardrobe these two characters are wearing, it’s no wonder that the cast has such a hard time keeping a straight face. Aidy Bryant nearly loses it along with Ferrell and Strong, and I was reminded of The Love-ahs jacuzzi sketch from awhile back. Even the technical snafu with the edge of the set being exposed couldn’t derail this from being downright hilarious.

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