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The Screenplay

For my fourth viewing of the film, I went to the historic Vista Theatre, which was showing one of the only 35mm prints of The Force Awakens that I know about. Seeing the film projected on actual film just felt right — it certainly wasn’t as crisp as the IMAX later presentation I had seen at TCL Chinese Theatre, but something about the extra grain and sometimes darkness, made the movie feel that much more like a Star Wars movie. Also, film tends to hide some of the faults of CG effects.

After the screening I asked my friends the same question that this article poses, and some of the above answers came up, but it still felt unclear which story moment Snoke refers to as “the awakening.” I looked through all the books to see if there was an answer. Here is the line from the final script, as it is reflected in the movie:



The line appears slightly differently in the official novelization:


The book adds “the Force” to the line in the movie, and very well could have been one of the lines shot for the film as the novelization was based on the shooting script before the film was fully edited. It’s interesting that this line comes in between talk about Darth Vader, Kylo Ren’s grandfather, and Luke Skywalker, Kylo Ren’s uncle. Could it be that the awakening has happened off screen?

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Luke Skywalker

Or could the “awakening” Snoke speaks of be a moment we don’t see? Maybe it is Luke Skywalker, after feeling a great disturbance in the Force with the rise of the First Order and the creation of a new mega weapon. Maybe Luke’s meditations at the island temple were a cry for help into a galaxy that had all but forgotten about the power within us. Maybe Luke Skywalker awakened the Force?

Star Wars The Force Awakens visual dictionary

The Visual Dictionary: “A Turbulence in the Cosmic Force”

Another hugely helpful piece of text about The Force Awakens is the The Visual Dictionary by Pablo Hildago. The book has clarified many fan questions, so I wondered if it had any answer for my query. The awakening is mentioned on Rey’s page. Here is the passage:

Since the disappearance of Luke Skywalker and the shattering of his fledging Jedi following, the cosmic Force has lain dormant, seemingly quieted to those able to sense its presence. The adventures of Rey and Finn on Jakku coincide with a turbulence in the cosmic Force, sudden ripple indicating the awakening of newfound ability. With the Jedi and their records vanished, few — other than Kylo Ren and his mysterious master — are able to appreciate this occurrence.

There are a couple of interesting things about this paragraph, but foremost is that it references both Rey and Finn’s adventures on Jakku as the inciting incident. So what happened on Jakku that caused the awakening?

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