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Insider has published an impressive (and seemingly comprehensive) list of 41 moments from Westworld‘s first season that foreshadowed future plot twists. Some are obvious, but others are very clever, like how Dolores tells Teddy about the “Judas steer” in the pilot, laying the thematic groundwork for her role as the leader of a robot uprising.

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For another long read, there’s this great New Yorker article on Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy, which offers one of the more complete looks at how Westworld came to be. Here’s a fun excerpt where Joy explains how feeling empathy for video game NPCs helped inform the series:

Once Abrams handed over development to Nolan and Joy, they began what Nolan referred to as “research time”: Sergio Leone’s films for visual and character reference, Philip K. Dick novels for artificial-intelligence dilemmas, and the Grand Theft Auto games for world-building and interlocking narrative. When playing G.T.A., Joy told me, “I literally just cruise around the city and obey the laws. . . . It’s hard for me to run over a lady, because I’m, like, Does she limp home to her family when you turn it off? Do they have health insurance?” Yet it was video games, Nolan said, that gave them “a language for what we wanted the hosts to be. We wanted them to be N.P.C.s,” or non-player characters. “We wanted the video-game equivalent of extras, because in Westworld, the guest is the hero.”

Westworld costume designer Ane Crabtree shared some early sketches for Charlotte Hale’s wardrobe, offering an early look at the stylish clothing Tessa Thompson would later wear in the actual series.

westworld t-shirt

And while you can’t buy Charlotte’s outfit (yet), you can head over to TeeFury to buy this Westworld t-shirt for $22. And if you want more, there’s a whole bunch of Westworld stuff popping on Etsy.

You can probably hum the Westworld theme without thinking twice at this point, but have you really heard it until you’ve heard the heavy metal version?

And if that doesn’t do it for you, there’s always this acapella version.

And let’s close out this edition of Westworld Bits (possibly the last one for some time!) with this video compilation of all the Dubsmash videos Evan Rachel Wood and Jimmi Simpson made while filming the first season. Some of the movie scenes they recreate actually tease (and outright spoil!) some of the biggest plot twists of the season. Of course, hindsight is 20/20.

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