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Someone has been doing the world a service by taking numerous screen caps from “The Adversary” and putting them on Imgur, so let’s dwell on a few of the more interesting shots. First up is a look at Maeve’s attribute matrix, the RPG-esque system that defines her strengths and weaknesses. Note the high scores in tenacity, charm, and sensuality. Note the low scores in meekness, humility, and cruelty.

westworld dialogue tree

While we’re digging through Maeve’s head, here’s a look at the dialogue tree that knows exactly what she’s going to say before she says it, offering up all possible options within the limitations of her improv programming.

westworld maze sketchbook

And here’s a close-up of the Maze as seen in Dr. Ford’s journal. Whether he had a hand in designing it or if he’s simply looking for a way to fully combat Arnold’s work remains unclear.

westworld maze

It’s become increasingly clear that there aren’t any coincidences in Westworld. So when Redactor xanokothe notes a similarity between the show’s logo and the Maze symbol the Man in Black has been tracking for six episodes, maybe we should take notice. It’s most likely just an Easter egg, a cool connection that ties the show’s imagery together, but feel free to speculate away!

If you’re looking for a deeper dive into the Maze, YouTuber HaxDogma has got you covered. The video runs just under ten minutes (grab a snack) but it’s pretty comprehensive, running down theories and speculation, drawing on ideas from within the show and from outside sources. If you want to vanish down the rabbit hole, this is a good place to start.

teddy with the gatling gun in Westworld

How many Hosts are currently active within Westworld? Redditor machine_made put some thought into this after rewatching the first episode, where it is mentioned that the buggy update is causing issues with 10% of the population or 200 Hosts across a dozen “active storylines.” Does this mean there are only 2,000 Hosts in Westworld? That’s a small number for such a giant park, especially one with 1,400 guests at a time. Here are his thoughts:

Cullen says they’ve got 1400 guests in the park, and Sizemore’s line seems to contradict the information from Aeden on the discoverwestworld.com site, where it’s stated that the Host to Guest ratio is 10:1 — but if Sizemore is only referring to currently active Hosts, that 200 number is just a tiny percentage of the number of actual updated Hosts. He’s really only referring to the ones that would be problematic to pull down and roll back. For instance, Hector’s bandits are up in the hills, presumably not interacting with Guests at that moment, so pulling that entire group would not be a problem. But Teddy has just been interacted with by the group of return Guests, who want him to guide them, so if he’s updated, that’s a problem, because his storyline is active.

So I think that means that at any time in the park, there are actually closer to 14,000–20,000 Hosts, not including animals. Which makes the park much more densely populated, and much more likely for Guests to spend an entire visit only interacting with Hosts.

Hoepfully, Westworld will explain just how many Hosts are currently within the park. You know, just to clarify. And to make it clear how big the robot army really is when that inevitable revolution goes down.

westworld fan poster

Redditor Messypandas has made this excellent Westworld poster, which is so evocative of the show’s imagery and ideas that HBO should just cut him/her a check and use the concept for future marketing. Messypandas later shared two additional posters created in a similar style:

westworld fan posters

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