VOTD: Lego Matrix (440 Hours in the Making)


No matter the extent of one’s Neo-burnout, the following video recreating the bullet-time dodge scene in The Matrix using stop-motion and Lego deserves a shout on /Film. Its makers estimate the clip—less than a minute and a half long with credits—took 440 hours and $500 to make using a Canon 850IS camera and painstaking attention to detail. (They calculate that the entire film (relax, not in the works) would take 25 years to finish—or nine hours in a Martyrs-like scenario against free will). Included after the jump is the final result as well a shot-by-shot comparison.

Any quibbles from the cubicle? Compare…

If you’re a filmmaker or curious about how this was made, there is a surprising amount of documentation on the official site LegoMatrix.com. Some readers will recall that this isn’t the first time we’ve featured Lego recreations; something about Wachowski Bros. productions lends itself to the medium. Last summer, Peter posted one of the entire Ninja Assassin trailer refashioned with animated yellow dudes and ninja star action. Apparently this wasn’t made by the same team. While The Matrix clip is much smoother and impressive, in my opinion, I’m surprised that this one is longer…

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via The Awl

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