Video: Comic Con 2008 Wrap-Up

Comic Con 2008 has come to an end, and the /Film crew is completely exhausted. We recorded a couple videos on the last day of the con, wrapping up everything that had happened. Joining us on the first video is /Film’s David Chen behind the camera, Spout/Rejects‘s Kevin Kelly, FirstShowing‘s Alex Billington and Screenrant‘s Vic Holterman. They compare this year’s convention to last year’s. Does Watchmen and Terminator Salvation match up to the craziness of Iron Man from last year?

[flv: 300 226]

David also recorded a second video with an exhausted /Film editor Peter Sciretta about the best and worst of this year’s comic con. Peter was disappointed by Pixar’s Up, shocked by Disney’s Tron 2, and sold on both Watchmen and Terminator Salvation. David was completely surprised by McG/ Terminator, the demeanor of Zack Snyder and wants to know what the BFD is with Tron 2. We apologize about the annoying train bells in the background. And did Peter mention that they’ve been in San Diego for 4 days now?

[flv: 300 226]

If one thing can be gathered from both videos, it is that Warner Bros is the winner of this year’s Con, and Paramount was the big disappointment as they decided to sit this one out. And everyone agrees that Lionsgate should have never brought The Spirit to the con.

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