Carnahan The Grey 2

Jason Blum made a heck of a lot of money for Universal last summer. His film The Purge cost just $3 million to make and raked in nearly $90 million at the global box office. Nevertheless, Universal apparently isn’t feeling too great about his next project for the studio. Universal has scrapped plans to release Joe Carnahan‘s Stretch, just two months before it was set to open. Hit the jump to find out why.

THR reports that the comedy-thriller’s planned March 21 release has been cancelled entirely. With a production budget of $5 million, Stretch wasn’t exactly costly to make. However, that figure doesn’t include the additional $20 to $40 million it’d cost to market the film for a wide theatrical release. Apparently, Universal has deemed those figures too risky.

Blum has already attempted to shop the film to other distributors, but none were biting. The film is now back at Universal, which is looking at more “creative” ways to distribute the film. Because the movie was so cheap to begin with, it doesn’t necessarily need to do big business at the cinema in order to make its money back.

Carnahan, for his part, is putting on a brave face. The director took to Twitter to assure his fans that not only will the film be released, eventually, they’ll love it when they see it.





Written by Carnahan, the film centers around a chaueffeur (Patrick Wilson) who gets more than he bargained for when he picks up a mysterious billionaire (Chris Pine). As the night goes on, the job takes some strange and dangerous turns. Ed Helms, Jessica Alba, Brooklyn Decker, and Ray Liotta also star.

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