Santiago Cabrera - Transformers The Last Knight

Meet Santos, Transformers Reaction Force Team Leader

Santiago Cabrera explained a bit about his character while on a break between takes. Decked out black military gear, dirt on his face, sweat dripping from his brow, he explained:

My backstory would be that I was a SEAL but I’ve retired and I’m on contract. The TRF has been formed to fight the Transformers, so my orders are I don’t care if they’re Autobots of Decepticons we gotta stop this war. So I’m a team leader and I’ve come with my team to fight them.

We’re told by Cabrera our introduction to Santos comes in the form of a scuffle that he has with Mark Wahlberg‘s character, Cade Yaeger. The TRF learns Yaeger may be harboring some of the Autobots in a junkyard, so they seek him out, and the result is a huge action sequence involving drones controlled by the TRF and the Autobots they’ve come to hunt down. I can’t be sure, but I believe that’s where this shot comes from:

Transformers The Last Knight

This is where Bumblebee gets in on the action, giving the TRF more of a fight than they expected, and their pursuit of the Autobot and Cade Yaeger is just getting started.

Santos is a guy who is just following orders, but based on the fact that he’s fighting alongside Mark Wahlberg in the scene we’ve been watching throughout our set visit, the conflict between Yaeger and Santos won’t last for the whole movie.

Transformers The Last Knight - Josh Duhamel

Josh Duhamel’s Return as Colonel Lennox

We’ve known for a while that Josh Duhamel is returning as Colonel Lennox, and we’ve assumed that he would be decked out in military gear again. However, it sounds like there might be some mystery to his character this time around. Duhamel explained to us that there’s a question as to where his loyalties really lie:

Am I with the US military, the Army, or am I working with a group that’s trying to eradicate all Transformers? Not just Decepticons, but all of them. There’s a bit of a struggle between myself and Santiago Cabrera, and then we’re also working against Wahlberg’s character in this. Because he’s definitely working with the Autobots.

So it sounds like Duhamel’s character has likely been recruited for TRF just like Santiago Cabrera’s character. But maybe because of his history with the NEST team that used to work with the Autobots, he’s not entirely sold on his mission to take out all the Transformers, so he doesn’t follow through with his mission as efficiently as his team leader would like him to.

There was almost a scene shot where Mark Wahlberg punched Josh Duhamel, but it ended up being cut. Duhamel tried to convince Bay to put it back in, just so he could say he got punched in the face by Wahlberg, but it didn’t pan out. Still, Cade Yaeger and Colonel Lennox are on opposing teams for at least part of the movie. But again, based on the fact that Duhamel and Cabrera were fighting alongside Wahlberg in the sequence we saw filmed, that conflict won’t last forever.

Transformers The Last Knight - Mark Wahlberg

Mark Wahlberg Is a Man on the Run

In Transformers: Age of Extinction, Mark Wahlberg found himself inadvertently caught up in the battle between Autobots and Decepticons when he stumbled upon Optimus Prime. Now he’s a friend to all Autobots, and as we heard above, he’s harboring some of them to keep them safe from the Transformers Reaction Force. However, apparently enough time has passed that he’s not as quick on his feet as he was in the previous movie.

Wahlberg is sitting in a golf cart in a flight suit that’s removed down to his waist, revealing a tank top made dirty by all the dirt and debris he’s been running through on set, and he explains where we find his character:

They wanted to make sense that I was older, a little slower. But yeah, you meet up with Cade now and he’s living elsewhere and he’s basically had to go on his own on the run.

But wasn’t Cade Yaeger concerned with protecting his teenage daughter in the last movie? Where is she? Wahlberg says that will be addressed in the movie, but it sounds like he might have sent her away so that she wouldn’t have her life threatened by those who will come to hunt down Cade for his alliance with the Autobots.

However, Yaeger won’t be a loner forever. In an image above, he’s running with young new cast member Isabela Moner from an unseen threat. In addition, Wahlberg says that he ends up finding “a great relationship with this smart, sophisticated English woman and that creates a lot of humor.” Speaking of which…

Transformers The Last Knight - Laura Haddock

Laura Haddock Is Tasked With Saving the World

You might not know British actress Laura Haddock by name, but if you’ve seen Guardians of the Galaxy, then you’ve seen her work. She played Peter Quill’s dying mother in the opening scene of the Marvel movie, and because of her look in that particular scene, you’d never recognize her standing in front of you. Haddock just finished running through some explosions and debris on the Transformers set, wearing a military flight suit and some Converse Chuck Taylors, and we learned a little bit about her character.

Haddock plays a character named Vivian, and she ends up thrust into the plot when she’s picked up at her family home by a Transformer in vehicle form. She’s taken to a castle where she meets Cade Yaeger and learns that she’s key to helping save the world. What makes her so important? Well, unfortunately, there are some details that we can’t reveal just yet, but she’s very important when it comes to the MacGuffin of this movie, some kind of artifact with ties to the mythology of the Transformers and their history with Earth.

It sounds like Vivian may end up being a love interest for Yaeger in the end as Haddock says, “They have real good banter, they don’t understand each other at all in the beginning, mainly because he’s American and she’s English and mainly don’t get each other and they have a lot of banter. But then they end up going on this massive journey together and needing each other and they see a different side to each other.”

On the next page, we talk about some of the new Transformers and an old one making a big return.

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