Top 10 Superhero Movies

The following editorial is from Zach Lawrence.


I was watching Heroes season 1 the other day. I’m enthralled. And sadly dusting myself off from lagging behind the bandwagon on what apparently everyone knew but me. We have plethoras of Heroes in the cinema, some undeserving, some exceeding what we dreamed they would be like, but all of them Hero’s nonetheless. I think in the realm of Superhero mythology, and expectation that we’ve governed our patience with for upcoming movies (i.e. Iron Man, Wolverine, Dark Knight, Spiderman 4) we should mention those we appreciate in recent history for springing from those pages and slamming SWAT members into refrigerators with their adamantium claws. I’m not just talking movies, but the heroes in, about, and all around that make those movies and certain moments great ones that make us wish we were all bigger then ourselves.

10. Superman: The Movie and Superman Returns

I give this twofer because it goes from the first great, to the last great. I was upset that Superman returns didn’t do better, or maybe because it cost so much to make that it would have been huger if they cut it down some. Supe is probably the best. But I’m giving some credit to some others for once just because, he may be able to kick all their asses, but some of their movies kicked his.

9. Unbreakable

Cool as hell, this movie was probably the darkest horse of rusing us and not coming out as a straight forward Superhero movie. Bruce Willis doesn’t even know he is one, which makes the buildup like a high wire act, it’s just unlike any Superhero flick out, if you know anyone like it, let me know, I’d love to see it.

8. Hellboy

I wasn’t familiar with the actual comic books or graphic novels of Hellboy, but I really enjoyed the movie adaptation. Like Unbreakable, I enjoyed it for its sheer uniqueness. All the side characters and that cool clockwork type villain with blades were pretty badass. And Hellboy? He had that human quality to his personality until the demon side was unleashed and, no pun intended, all hell breaks loose.

7. Punisher

Dolph Lungren, not Kevin James, I mean Thomas Jane. It was dark, like what Punisher is supposed to be. Punisher kicks ass and taking names. In the recent Punisher, Thomas James got his ass kicked by everyone!

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