The People vs OJ Simpson

When the Dream Team discusses all their vacation plans, is that from accurate reports?

Yeah, that’s out of Toobin. Marcia [Clark] went up to Santa Barbara with her kids. Johnny flew to San Francisco for an engagement. Lee Bailey had a snack food convention speech. I loved those details because it really hit home that everyone thought they were taking off for a long time. It never crossed anyone’s mind that the verdict was going to come in that day.

Did Toobin hear that conversation?

No, no, no. Jeff’s an investigative reporter. He just did his homework.

Did it amuse you how much people pick up on how often Kardashian said “Juice?” Did you see the supercut?

Yeah, I certainly didn’t notice it while we were shooting. I saw the supercut. That was very funny. We love the way the fans of the show were doing their recuts, putting up screengrabs with thought bubbles. I found it very entertaining. I feel like people were just so engaged with the production.

Did you not want to stay on to write the second season about Hurricane Katrina?

It wasn’t even a consideration. We’re so swamped with our feature scripts.

You wrote Death Wish. What is Death Wish in 2016?

That was a quick rewrite job. It’s not going to be a major credit for us.

So what are the major projects?

We have a feature based on the Patty Hearst kidnapping. And then if we ever turn that script in, we’re writing a script on the carving of Mount Rushmore, which is a biopic of this completely insane man named Gutzon Borglum who fast talked the government into giving him a lot of money so he could build the largest sculpture in our country.

How many years does that encompass?

It follows 15 years, 1926 to 1941. It’s a completely bananas story. Nobody really knows the story. Nobody knows about this guy. It was sort of a one man operation. It’s a super cool untold story.

Were there ever any other presidents in consideration?

No, it was whoever he wanted to put up there. It started as Washington and Lincoln. He had a change of thought so he decided to add Jefferson. Then he was friends with Teddy Roosevelt so he decided to throw him up at the last second.

How much progress have you made on Patty Hearst?

We got very, very distracted by O.J. We’re close to the end.

How have you whittled it down to a feature length?

It’s hard. O.J. kind of wrecked us. That 10 hour canvas was really a blast. Because it’s also based off a Jeff Toobin book, Jeff loves going off on all these sidebars to smaller characters and new detail. All that stuff is really appealing. The O.J. series, we could give everyone their time. Now we’re having to retrain ourselves back into the two-hour box.

Did you finish the script on the John McAfee story?

Yeah. There’s activity on it right now so we’re crossing our fingers. Nothing I can say but when I came out of the panel and there were 12 e-mails about McAfee so hopefully something good happens here.

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