(Below are some questions that involve spoilers for The Endless and Resolution, Benson and Moorhead’s first movie. Read on if you’ve seen either movie, as Benson and Moorhead believe it does not spoil The Endless, but avoid if you want to go in totally blind.)

Is The Endless an extension of the sort of time loop you explored in Resolution?

Benson: The Endless, once our two protagonists leave Arcadia, we start exploring a multitude of different loops, whether it’s Mike’s loop or Sh*tty Carl’s loop, the guy in the tent with the horrifying five-second loop. When Justin and Aaron are walking back to Camp Arcadia after the scene in the trailer, they actually cross through several loops. You don’t see the people. You see how they’ve interpreted this antagonist in different ways. One of them is sort of a totem. One of them is a metallic dragon demon thing. The weird monolith they’ve carved on a tree or stone at some point. These are all different subcultures with their own loops. Those are the artifacts they’ve made to express themselves what this antagonist is. The camp itself is not really connected the loop in Resolution. It’s its own thing. It’s just that whole region is governed by the same entity and is experiencing the same phenomenon. I always wonder if people get this. Most people don’t even need to. You know the Gandalf staff looking things, the rock formations they talk about in the beginning? Those actually form the borders of the different loops. So when you cross into one past that, you come to a different loop each time. If you want to be really specific, the radius or diameter of the circles they from, as it gets bigger, the loop gets longer and as they get smaller, the loops get smaller. So when you see the five second tent, you see them all around it. It’s about a 20 foot diameter. That’s why the guy has such a short loop.

Does Resolution end with a reset, not necessarily their deaths?

Moorhead: Both, because when you get taken, it’s a death. It’s both. That said, we don’t like telling people that because it’s part of the satisfaction of Resolution. You have to just see what happened to them. That’s probably what we would assume happened. One thing this movie does do is it does tell you what happened.

What do we say about how The Endless connects to Resolution?

Moorhead: We definitely can’t say it’s a sequel because it’s not, or a sidequel or anything like that. They share the same mythology and in sharing the same mythology, you see crossover location and characters and situations, but the stories are wildly different. One is attacking it from this facet of the mythology and the other attacks this completely wildly different facet of it.

Does The Endless improve if you’ve seen Resolution?

Moorhead: We’ve found the opposite. Sometimes, it depends on the person. Sometimes, when you have not seen Resolution, you get no answers to the mysteries of The Endless outside of the movie so you don’t know what’s coming. When you go in completely blind and completely fresh, it can often be more thrilling. That said, a lot of people find a lot more depth. If they’ve seen Resolution, they feel like they know a little secret that no one else does so it’s really satisfying.

Are they the same universe, with or without overlaps?

Benson: The same universe with some overlaps. I’d say that’s a reasonable description. It’s this thing for us where we’re not self-deceptive enough to think that anyone has seen Resolution.Three people have seen it. You’re one of them. We still love that film. It was a really new inspiration, but the movie is constructed so that it’s not required that you would need to have any knowledge of resolution at all. It seems like people have the full amount of enjoyment whether you’ve seen it or you haven’t. If you have, I’m sure it’s a really fun thing to revisit those characters and situations.There’s just like 1000 little points of continuity. You don’t need to know that, but it’s fun to.

Moorhead: There truly are 1000. I don’t know if that’s an exaggeration but they’re just little bumps.

Have more people gone back and watched Resolution, just like after Spring they’d want to see your first movie?

Moorhead: A lot of the time it’s a nice little surprise to be able to tell people, “Hey, did you like that movie? Did you like that scene with the people in the cabin?” This comes up during Q&As often. Two people in the audience saw Resolution and want to ask questions so they do.The rest of them are like, “What’s Resolution?” So we often have to say, “Okay, before we answer your question, hey everyone, there’s this movie called Resolution. It’s about the guys in the cabin that got burned down. We made a whole movie about those guys.”

But if you come to The Endless blind, do people want to go back and see Resolution?

Benson: Maybe they’ll just be sitting on their couch half asleep and it comes on HBO or something. Then they watch it and the next morning they wake up and they’re like, “I had this dream. There was a whole movie about the guys from the cabin in the other movie I saw.” I’m sure it’s going to be a really odd fun discovery for people that do have that experience.

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